Friday, November 13, 2015

Misery of getting attached to people

I'm going to try one last time to communicate with you after that it is up to you.

They say, it's not difficult to be good when everything is going well...

You've the power to wipe off this misery if you're willing to forgive. I'm still the same person you once cared for. I understand nobody behaves rudely until and unless their feelings are hurt badly.

Honestly, I'm telling you that day I thought I was communicating casually just like many off topics we discuss...sometimes you agree, and sometimes you let me know your opinion. And that's how I perceived the whole thing, without picking up your cues. That's why the whole stupid laugh in the corridor. 

I really like you, M, just the way you used to like me. I will not do anything purposefully to hurt you. You've more good in you, than what I talked on that day.  This is when you've to think about how many positive things I talked about you in the past. You should not throw away everything, just because of one day. I really care for you. Trust me, your silence hurts me a lot. 


The accusation that I "had not planned" struck a raw nerve with me. However, I am not so fickle as to not like you as a result. I need space to move forward. 

Boarding a plane now for Philadelphia. Have a good weekend.

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