Thursday, November 12, 2015

Good times

Yes please do.  I signed up again with a new email address. My teacher number is *****, email is *****. And I used this phone number as the primary contact number. 

I also ordered 2015 advanced rudiments papers for [daughter] to see when they arrive. 

And I practiced the Shostakovich. 😉

Sneaky how you hijacked my calendar. 😜

Yay, you practiced!!!! 
I'm so happy to hear you say that you practiced!!!! It will be so unbelievably wonderful to hear you play along with [son]. Thank you so much for taking it seriously!! Golden words "And I practiced the Shostakovich."

Yes!! Teehee...well played. :-)
Well, you asked to remind you!!😉
Thank you!!  Done well!! My part is quite slow now, but it will work for rehearsals. 

All I care is you practiced! Like I said, " I'm so happy."

It has been quite a ride. I've actually been practicing quite consistently for a few weeks now. Select repertoire. Bach P&F, Rachmaninov prelude and Debussy Arabesque. It's all so beautiful and the Shostakovich is so energetic. :-)
Yeah, keeping life in balance now. Practice, exercise, work, reading and walking my dog. 😀
Life is quite good. 

Awesome!!! I thought you gave up on practicing. I thought you don't even enjoy playing piano. I'm so happy for you!!!

No, not at all...I just had to rekindle the love I have for the music and separate the work from the joy of making music. Sometimes it is a long process. :-)

Well, you're on the right path. I always enjoyed listening to music, but the way you analyze the piece exposes the beauty in much deeper level.
Anyway, good night!! Cheers to your practice!!!

Thank you!!  Good night. :-)

Well, I'm not going to spoil my mood because of some dumb stuff, when I've this one to smile about "And I practiced the Shostakovich"


Thank you for showing me your sincere side yesterday. I loved seeing you having total control over everything. Hands down the best class so far!! Do I have your permission to visualize you both playing that piece for the recital? It will be the brightest and proudest moment in son's life to perform along with his teacher. It will be just amazing....something to look forward to....will be unforgettable experience for the audience. I think I'm already visualizing...😆 As you are enjoying the process of practicing, let us not stop ourselves to the indoor sessions.👍🏽 Btw, will they perform Mozart concerto second movement for the recital?

Perhaps. Right now I'll just enjoy the process. It was a great class and I loved sharing my sincere love of music with everyone in the room. ☺️

I cherished watching your sincerity. If I'm allowed to say -- truly proud of you. 
Thank you!!  I'm working to let that side out more. ☺️

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