Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Is it a sign?

Omg, I can't express the shock on my face when at 1:43 CT, Lufthansa place flew over me when I was heading towards my car at Westin hotel parking lot. Out of all the airlines in the world, Lufthansa plane flying over me is just mind boggling. Is he there? What does that incident mean?

Just wow! Pure thrill!!! Exhilaration!! Is he still working with Lufthansa. Ah...when will I meet you again. 

My recent trip back to us on Lufthansa is done. No sign of him though. Recently, I met an Indian person in New Delhi who was a copassenger on a Lufthansa flight enroute to Frankfurt, while I was vacationing in New Delhi. Can you believe the shock in our faces. We exchanged phone numbers. That gives hope that if God's will is there, anything can happen. 

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