Sunday, June 7, 2015

We could be heroes, me and you

That was the song played by my mind while I was still on the bed this morning and suddenly realized that wow, today is fourth anniversary. I'm still amazed to see how well I captured his stare and smile.

I don't know what that song means to my current status, but recently I've tossed aside the thought of him and labeled it as one among my foolish adventures, where as usual I overwhelmingly exaggerated the situation and enhanced my feelings to the nth power, but not anymore. Mistakes and experience teach out how to be grounded. If a hopeful girl was in my place, she would have screamed and given title to this post as I'LL BE FLYING LUFTHANSA AGAIN....WOOHOO!!! I'll meet my pal....we could be heroes, me and you. I know you can hear me, we are different now, we can do anything.

Yes, I'll be flying on Lufthansa to India on June 22nd. I'll be in FRANKFURT on June 23rd. Will I meet him again? Will we both recognize each other? From the time I came to know that I'll be flying by Lufthansa, I did not jump with joy or made a huge deal of it, keeping hope alive is foolishness. So I'll shut off my  expectations.

So many days, I really did not care for you. I thought it was all me who made a big deal of our meeting. Today, I feel different. Seeing you in the morning on today, the feelings are rushing in, the desires are peeking in...I've not progressed in my life not even a little bit in all these four years, I'm still the same...what about you? Are you still working with Lufthansa? Will you be there on that flight? Have you ever thought about me after that day?

Everyday people do everyday things but I / Can't be one of them / I know you hear me now, we are a different kind / We can do anything 

We could be heroes, you and me 

Happy Anniversary!! See you soon..haha that's funny!!💏🇩🇪✈💝🎉👍

Prove to me that I don't exaggerate things, but rather I see things just the way they are....

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