Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello from Frankfurt airport

Blogging away from rainy Frankfurt. I'm in his town, but he is nowhere to be seen. My heart cries out and looks for him all over, but no sign of him, no telepathy between us.

Today's flight from dal to FRA, I cried in the darkness when nobody was seeing. It was literally painful to see other stewards. Couldn't stop myself from playing those scenarios with him. Singlehandedly, he made my last trip one of a kind. There was no single dull moment, but recent flight was so boring that it makes me wanna say never to long distance traveling. Not even one cute steward to lay eyes on. The whole flight absolutely no charm.

Maybe he is not a steward anymore. Four years is a lot of time. I'm surrounded by Lufthansa planes, maybe he is in one of those planes, or in the same building, but we are not destined to meet again I guess.  I don't think so he will do India leg, so no chances to see him for now.

I read 50 shades of grey to time pass in Lufthansa, and will continue to read in my next leg too. Oh please, someone wake him and let him know that I'm here. Being this journey with Lufthansa itself is a miracle as gulf airlines has overtaken my Indian city, but looks like no brilliant outcome from this trip . I really really want love from him at this juncture of my life. I really want to love someone who loves me the most. I'm really so lonely that living doesn't make sense, no single personal bright spot to something to look for. Yeah, I dressed up for the flight, but nobody has eyes like him to see something special in me. I guess nobody can give that genuine happiness ever. I lost him forever I guess. 

Hello, I'm in Frankfurt. Oh come on, how can you miss this chance to see me. You hold my happiness, please come. Let your instinct drag you here to me. I want to see you. I so much want to see you. 

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