Monday, September 8, 2014

Why the good ones have be gay?

Just now, I heard Van Cliburn's Tchaikovsky performance on WRR, which made me search for him on google. Turned out that he was gay. Why oh why, nothing wrong to be gay, but why all good ones have to be gay 😪.

I think one of the essential feature to be a great pianist is YOU HAVE TO BE GAY!! A normal man cannot project the emotions of the demanding piece. Listen to some of the classical pieces, they are filled with emotions, sadness, delicacy....
For example, listen to Mozart's concerto no. 20 second movement, which is Stalin's favorite piece. I bet whoever listens to that piece will have a good cry.

I guess lot of composers of classical music might be gay. It is just that during that time they did not have the concept of gayness. So they might have thought, what a weird feeling, but would have not pursued as folks nowadays do. 

Nowadays, I really feel so good when someone is not gay. It is not that I'm going to get them, but it feels so good when they are from my community. Because once they are gay, they are unreachable forever, which makes me feel lonely that they will never try to impress or be nice with me, because I'm no use for them. Ha! 

Just the thought of this itself makes me be so happy that yay, the Lufthansa flight attendant was not gay. Otherwise, as if I have chance of meeting him, but just that thought, satisfies me immensively. I feel so thankful for that. Otherwise, he and I would have never made that special connection or would have not gone through those special moments.

I am following a gay Italian Lufthansa flight attendant on Twitter. Through him, I try to see my guy's lifestyle, but this guy sometimes poses with his boyfriend. He loves to take him around the world. Once  they posed in a jacuzzi in Spain, next time is front of Niagara falls, and once in Los Angeles. Sometimes I feel like contacting him to find my guy. I feel like saying to him that please find him, all I want to do is follow him, not to speak with him, but just follow. Haha...who will pass the information in such a weird case. What can I do- I'm already taken, but because of that day's special moments, I am far ever connected with him. I want to know who he is, what's his name, what are his priorities, where does he travel, what does he do when he travels all around the world, what kind of girls he on....just want to know him.

Numerous times I  thank God that YAY, he is not GAY. 

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