Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How is life going to be after Peru trip?

Recent plane crashes, and my uncle's premature death while vacationing in Tibet, is making me worry about going to Peru.

My uncle's life was perfect. His responsibilities of all kinds related to his kids was over. He was enjoying retirement life from a long life of cop duty. He gained immense wealth from his parents. He makes frequent trips to USA to visit his daughters. Outwardly, he was in great shape. Recently, he built a beautiful mansion, according to his tastes. While everything was going smooth, he planned for Manosarovar.


"About Mount Kailash

 holy Mount Kailash is situated in the western Tibetan plateau in the northernmost region of theHimalayas. Also referred to as Mount Meru and Kang Rinpoche, or snow jewel, Mount Kailash is a 22,028 ft high peak known for being the abode of Shiva
. Hindus perform a 'parikrama' or walk around the 32-mile circumference of Mount Kailash, an act that is believed to wipe away all sins.

About Mansarovar Lake

Travel 18 miles southeast of Kailash, and you arrive at the placid blue circular Lake Mansarovar, also known as Tso Rinpoche or 'precious lake' in Tibetan. Bathing in the freezing cold water of the lake which is said to contain miraculous powers is considered to be of massive spiritual benefit."

At age 64, because of stomach ulcer, passed away without any medical treatment. His fate was so bad that he never even got a chance to immerse in the lake to clean up his sins. His son cannot cremate his body( which by the way traveled in a cargo plane) as son's  wife is pregnant, thereby according to Hinduism, you cannot skip rebirth.

Nobody in our family thought about him - dying sooner than his siblings. His untimely death causes such a havoc in our lives - that nothing can be trusted - anything and everything can just vanish without any notice - nothing is reliable. He has so much money, but at the end, he couldn't even get any medical help to survive or fight for life. 

Think about MH 17 crash, passengers would have never thought that they will die in Eastern Ukarine out of all places...would have never thought that they will return in coffins in their return journey, just like my uncle's case.

I don't know what makes us go forward with our trips when we know that nothing is safe, anything can happen, even though, there is that fear that we can mess up our lives. Think about my aunt, she had everything a week ago, now, all is left is misery, excruciating pain of unable to turn the clock back.

We are traveling by American and then local LAN airlines to many destinations inside Peru. We may trek the difficult Machu Picchu trail. We have two kids. Things are looking really good with lot of amazing prospects to look forward....but this trip is giving me shivers...raising questions like WHAT IF.

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