Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm stupid!!!

OMG, where did I come from? How can I be so stupid? I let other person know clearly what will bug me, and give power in their hands to trouble me.

Like in a cool way, people say, "oh, I don't get upset so easily. I roll through things. The older I become, it is not that easy to rattle me."

Anyway, why should I care? Fine with me, once I came to know that you are just a robot who has no feelings for me, that you just would like to follow rules and regulations, and treat the person just like others, then why should I feel miserable based on your actions.

Even though you're a guy, but your brain more or less work like a gal, then I should be ready for some drama.

Anyway, it was totally my mistake to think anything other than what it is supposed to be. What do I think of myself - a super model that people just fall off and would crave for your attention and would love to please you all the time. What the hell, do I think of myself? You're just stupid/ignorant. 

ONG, you don't even know how to compose emails. He might have thought, hey moron, I'm not your servant to follow your commands. 

Well, after you know how I feel after you don't respond to my text, you want to ignore. Fine, I'm stupid and I give shit when people cares for me and I feel terrible when they don't. Bare the consequence!! One thing I should say about myself that I'm very good at reading people. So good that I know what's coming by just seeing a text.

What can I do? I sometimes become nonchalant and goes through moody period and act like I don't care till I upset that person. And there starts the drama. DAMN, I hate myself!!

Whenever I'm angry on someone, I make things worst - the worst.

Nope, I'll not learn any lesson because I'm just plain stupid.

I should sing myself - let it go, let it go...let them hate.

If someone loves for who I'm then they care to explain my bs behavior, and if I care for them, value them, I'll change myself.

I understood that you don't care as I'm not your sex, like me many will come go...I'm just one among everybody. Yes, you cared when things were alright, but the real caring person shows caring nature even though the other person acts like a bitch sometimes. BECAUSE YOU REALLY LIKE THAT PERSON AND CARE FOR THAT least give a chance for other person to know your feelings....of course that is not machoism.

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