Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Praise worthy

They say praise worthy, but do we have to think about what kind of person we want to praise?

I'm always very good at praising. If I see something amazing, I'll be the first one to blurt out. A recent episode, made me to think about that it is not always a good idea to praise what you see.

For example, when I praise the music teacher, I really feel good as he makes sure that my praise was well regarded, and acts accordingly that I don't feel a pinch of pain for even taking effort to praise him. Usually, this is what everybody comes across, but oh boy, recently, I encountered a different scenario where I'm feeling the pain of praising someone and have no clue how to get her down on the ground after making her soar in the sky.

When I went to my neighbor's house, I praised her organized house and her tidiness. Not only just her house, I praised her strong character, her grit, her intelligence, her life skills after observing her surviving skills after her husband who lessen than a year ago passed away. Not only I praised her, but I put myself down by telling her about incapable I would have been in the same scenario.

One day, unannounced, she came to my house, and to my horror, that day house was really dirty, things were everywhere as I usually clean when I expect guests. 
That day, she noticed and talked and laughed like it was a common thing. 

Recently in her talks about someone else house, she was praising herself for her clean house, not only one day, but every day, any time of the day, her house is always in praise worthy form. She went on about how she cannot withstand ruffled bed sheets or things not in right place, and how she doesn't understand about others who keep their untidy house day after day. The person about whom she is talking is recently divorced with two teenage boys living in an apartment. My question is how can anybody compare to anybody when the scenario or life story or characters living in the house are different. Not everybody gets support from every member of the house. We all can keep our house clean and organized, but without family members support, how much you ever try things will not be obits place, either you've to work like a robot and keep on place things in its place, or you will clean when it is required. Either way, why someone brags about themselves. Argh, so IRRITATING! Accompanying such people irked me out. 

The moral of this story is yes, praise worthy but before that see who is other side as once you uplift them and make them soar in the sky, they may not come back to the ground, and not only that, they may squish you down with the same energy you blessed them with.

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