Monday, January 6, 2014

An another encounter with a German

Yes, another encounter with a German. Is it memorable like the last one? Oh, yes! Wait a it a good one - the one which makes you feel like you're in cloud nine - the one which makes you feel special - the one which makes you feel like you're the best - the one which makes you love yourself - the one which puts a bright smile on your face and makes the whole world a happy happy place where you feel like helping anyone or everyone? 

Unfortunately, NOOOOO.....!!! 

This encounter happened with a cop! Crying, sobbing...whatever you want to call as! TRAFFIC TICKET, second one in less than six months. Ashamed - YES, but after first ticket, I was really careful. This one was really an unfortunate one! A bad decision, but not at all harmful one...could have been excused with a warning, but the whole world wants to prove I'm fit for nothing. Stupid of me, I did not even request the officer to excuse me. Maybe he would have given warning,  but I did not, I just froze. I did not wear glasses too, so 200 more. Total fine is 430 dollars. On top of that, I cannot reduce this time as I came to know that the judge won't allow to take the course if you've already taken during twelve month period. Ahhh...the destiny! Not even the German encounter can bring out the hidden luck!

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