Monday, December 30, 2013

What is love, baby don't hurt me, oh no!

What's with Gays and Lesbians nowadays? I'm so pulled into these weird relationships: Modern family series, Gay music teacher, Robin Roberts story now!!

That's the Facebook update of my kids' music teacher. Sometimes I feel awww, and sometimes ewww..especially when I watched  "Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace," which focuses on the relationship Liberace had with the man 39 years his junior.

I feel comfortable when I think of it as a relationship between two humans more than between same sex partners. I feel odd to think of a guy touching or kissing or cuddling another guy, or even gazing. Looks like it is going to be a new norm. What happened to the theory of opposites attract, huh?

Are they fooling themselves and the society? It can't be, as that long years nobody can keep up with foolishness. Of course love is love, and two is always better than the lonely one. Mystery of keeping the relationship secret makes things much more interesting for them I guess, but sometimes when they feel like openly want to declare their love for their gay partner by holding hand and walking or kissing or whatever we regular ones do, they cannot show or proudly declare,  might actually frustrate them, especially people who are in honorable careers as they know the society doesn't take the news well. Gays or lesbians who are coming out, actually want to make it a new norm, but they are actually making my head spin.

How awesomely the music teacher enjoyed his fourteen year anniversary, "me" the straight one - had a miserable fifteen year anniversary. So who is in a better position, huh? How can I judge Robin Roberts coming out as a lesbian when in her difficult times, her girlfriend was the one gave her unrelented love and support? 

I don't know whether the feeling they generate for same sex is something mental or physical, but they indeed are finding love just like us, and keeping it lasts forever. 

I doubt my actions so much, like sometimes I feel like I am taking certain decision based on certain mental state. So how are these people who come out as gays or lesbians know for sure that their love for same sex partner is not a one time thing, or for a particular person, or due to past mental harrasment or disappointments in life, or current mental state?

The music teacher and his partner do everything just like the regular ones - vacation, house, Christmaa tree decoration, gift exchanges, birthday celebrations...

Weird, but a good weird if we don't picture the sex part!!

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