Thursday, November 14, 2013

Making the world an attractive place to live

Words has a lot of potential. One sweet gesture can change a person's mood in an instant. Even though, saying  words can be effortless, but means a world to others. In an instant, you can brighten someone's thoughts, and has  ability to make them to think forward. The pleasure we give to others by being nice through words is contagious. 

This is what I learn from following Lufthansa on twitter. I like the way they tweet; always upbeat with their personal touches, polite mannerisms, and friendly answers. 

Nowadays, I follow the same. If anybody needs help, or if there is a misunderstanding, I jump and do my best to make the moment lighter by using words, by being polite, by being thoughtful, by being persuasive in a polite manner. And end result I see is MAGIC! Pure magic!

Someone wanted to exchange piano classes with my kids' piano class timings as she was diagonised with cancer, and had to travel for further treatment; I not only exchanged, but was compassionate...even though the conmunication was by email, I could feel that she was touched by my thoughtful words.

Other day, my kids' piano teacher had ear surgery. I emailed him right after the surgery to check on his condition, and constantly checked on his condition until he was okay. And thereby I made connection with him. 

One month ago, a woman sent an email to me, asking about how to upload pics on Snapfish, as I'm the yearbook person for this school year. Through email, I came to know that she was worried about privacy. Like a good salesperson, I persuaded her by being polite, and offered alternatives until she started communicating back.

Without someone asking or expecting from me, I'm trying to be nice with people just like the way Lufthansa customer service does. I'm making the world attractive by being nice through power of words!

Maybe I'm trying to be like my friend Lufthansa Steward, who made a mark on me by being nice. By following his footsteps, maybe I'm trying to be close to him. Oh yes, if I like someone, I start doing whatever they do...and that's how I cherish or give importance to the person, for impacting my life. 

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