Thursday, November 21, 2013

I made a guy blush!

Yes, I made a guy blush! Close of being a guy, but not really a guy, 'u' changed to 'a', in this case.

I asked the gay piano teacher about why he did not reply to my iMessage. As expected he did not know how to reply for my compliment.

He said, he replied it in his brain. I was able to his red cheeks, and full of shyness. I suddenly felt like a guy over there, in that scenario. I said, "really, don't know why, I still did not get the reply."

He said, "oh, you don't have kinesthetic powers."

I said, "my telepathy did not work in this case."

Anyway, he said, "my comments were lovely. It was so sweet that he did not know how to reply."

Poor me! I got worried about my ergonomic joke, and even did research on why some people don't reply to emails or texts. Awkward pauses in life, I guess!

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