Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gays are the happiest people I've ever met!

This is what I saw on my kids' piano teacher's Facebook. 

He is a gay! My first direct encounter with gays. From the time I met him, I've always seen him so happy, strutting around with twinkle in his eye, smile on his face, always pretty much in a very bright mood. Even if we go dull in front him, it feels like his vibrancy sticks onto us, and makes us feel better. I like his company. I like to hear him speak, because he speaks every word so clearly, and explains in detail with artistic expressions, and in between - haha...delightful sounds. I have never seen a guy being gleeful about his birthday until I met him - pure joy to watch a grown up guy being happy for his own birthday. Such emotions are contagious!! Looking forward for even small things make life more colorful. That's why I like to watch gays. They are bunch of happy people. Example: Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Of course, knowledge of gay world entered into my world because of Lufthansa. My search and curiosity of life about Air stewards, led me to the world of Gayness, cute boys becoming stewards. That was, oh so typical! 

But this teacher is unique, compare to the knowledge I gained online; he occasionally dresses up well, whereas you know who dresses up meticulously;  he doesn't shave neatly at all - has neatly trimmed beard and has a very less gay outer look- physically and mentally, and he is athletic- participated in iron man competitions. 

Meeting him solved two issues for me. I wanted to have a guy as a friend, because I never had anybody as my friend, and him being gay, my hubby will not have a problem if I talk too much about him, or dress nicely. Second, I wanted gay as my friend. Why? Because I read somewhere that every woman should have at least one gay as their friend, as they brighten up their mood.

But I don't quite understand, why he kinda likes to watch me. And while teaching he always makes jokes, and looks at my way. I know he likes to talk with me, makes subtle jokes to just to make me laugh....well, otherwise teaching can become. I really want to have a good, cordial relationship with him. The other day, he gave piano classes at his home. That day, I kinda saw other side of his nature; a caring nature, kinda brotherly nature. I was so touched by his warmer, compassionate side of his character. His room was lit with candles, giving away the sweet aroma, not well lit, but enough to teach a piano class, but what captured me was the warmthness of the place. There was some kind of secure feeling....don't know, why, but I liked it. I liked his hospitality, ambience and even his sweet dog, like the way he promised, she never jumped on me. 

Don't know, why, but after reading one of his facebook status which mentions his fourteen year relationship with his male partner, is making me sad. Funny, his relationship with anybody should not matter at all to me, but him liking a guy, kinda gives the feeling that he doesn't like me, as I'm a woman; whom they don't find attractive. I feel that he likes me, and of course I want people to like me. That's what encourages you to be a better person.

I can talk easily with him as there is no tension between us as I know he is gay, but he doesn't know that I know he is gay. So sometimes I feel the tension in him. In some of his emails, he mentions looking forward to see kids, but never says looking forward to see you, or to see you all.

His gayness makes me to be free, to talk casually like this:
"Don't know what you did, but iMessage is working. I wondered about it. Good for us! Don't worry, not going to bug you. Still thinking about your ergonomic stuff, even METRONOME too :). Clover is really sweet. Thanks for being so extremely nice. You really love teaching. My son cannot or will not ever find a better teacher than you. That's what I was thinking while you were teaching. You're really sweet...totally genuine. Goodnight!"

But to my surprise, he never said thanks to my iMessage. Kinda made me sad, and made me do some research on why people don't reply back. Nothing conclusive, but I think he just did not know how to take a complement I guess.

After meeting him, I have one question: is gayness feeling related to mind? Something in their mind makes them act and think like a woman, and make them like only guys. I don't what it is, but I like them. They spread happiness with their high spirited, happy-go-lucky nature.

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