Thursday, October 10, 2013

Little bit of goodness never goes waste

Recently, my son's classmate broke her hand die to P.E. teacher's negligence, and at the same time mom was sick with pneumonia, and her Dad has aggravated his back. 

Her mom sent a really sad text message about her situation.

"I was up checking on my daughter and giving meds every few hours. My husband is still in bed. He has two herniated discs so being up on his feet for almost two days at hospital and other commitments has aggravated his back. I'm trying to get rest to overcome pneumonia. My cough is bad and breathing, strength overall. We're just in bad shape, aren't we? When it rains it pours. 😞I just hate to inconvenience anyone. "

At the same time, my friend's parents are not doing good, going through old age, and health problems related to it.

My son's class parents along with me, decided to help her out my delivering lunch and dinner from various restaurants. The help poured in from every corner. And I know the reason for this gratitude, because this friend I'm talking about is really really a very good person, genuinely helps everybody, talks friendly without any kind of ego or racial discrimination, and goes beyond her comfort zone to find out what teachers favorite things are, and requests parents to pool money to present year end gifts to teachers for their yearlong effort for teaching our kids. Once she even wrote a letter to local news channel about one particular teacher. Her eloquet letter was one of the reason for that teacher to get recognition for more than a decade service to public school. I used to wonder and ask questions within myself about where does she get this strength from, why she goes beyond her way to help others, why she can't think that this is not her business or her headache, and push it to someone else....

At this juncture, she really needed help.

I consoled her by sending her this message: "I'm so sorry to hear.  My suggestion is to take our help. This is the time for you to just allow others to help you. All your goodness throughout many years are coming back to you in the form of help. So don't hesitate, don't feel bad. Testing time for your patience. Please don't say like that. Might look like inconvenience, but everybody needs help. We are humans!  Please don't feel bad. Time will cure everything. For so many years, you did for everybody like as if it is your duty. They say, little bit of goodness never goes waste, and that is what is coming true. All I can say is you need help, without hesitation accept our help. It is not at all hindrance, we are proving to one another that humanity exist, and if we break it down, the problem doesn't even look like a problem anymore."

Now, after three weeks, they are all settling down. My friend feels much better now.

Her thank you card has blown me away.

Once more it has been proved that "nothing makes you happy, than helping others." I'm blessed to play a small part in helping and consoling her in those dark days. I wholeheartedly wish her and her family, a happy life.

I strongly feel that she brought the best out of us. She can thank everybody, but that's what happened. 

I don't feel like I did much to her, but her eloquent 'thank you' letter depicts her heart felt thanks. My words might have given her strength which she was looking for during her sickness, and thereby has much more in depth meaning than anybody can notice. It is all about state of mind.

When I think of Steward, I also prefer that one chance to say my heart felt thanks. I cannot describe in words of how happy he made me feel. I needed that so badly, and without asking me, he just gave it to me, whatever it was - assurance of him being there for me, or I'm visible, or I'm worthy enough to get someone's notice, or his desire for my friendship.....whatever it was, the best I ever felt. And for that I'm so thankful to God and to him. Bless his heart!

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