Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Domestic abuse

How can you get out of it?

Fear of how to survive, how to take care of kids, how to become financially independent....how? how?

But once you're ready to take that one step of "no more abuse", that's when you'll get courage, God provides you path....will find answers for you. Just trust him, and dive into that decision, even it may it look like suicidal, but believe me he will take care, he has solutions for you, and for your kids.

The beauty of living in America is the public education which is free, and if kids study well, they even will get college scholarship. So no need to worry about their education. Government provides half price lunches too for kids. All you need to do is get a decent job which pays for rent, and minimal expenses for food.

Yes, this kind of life seems to be tough, scary,...but don't you think kids are much better off compare to this environment, than the abuse, the fight, the loud arguements, what will happen to their mental state, attention span - will lead to depression, anger, missteps...

God blessed you with beautiful children who can have a great future, but only if you come out of this hell.

What will parents do if they come to know that their child is in physical and mental abusive relationship - will they worry about confrontation or will they take action? Some parents worry about breaking up their daughter's marriage, if they confront. They choose to be quiet, but are they waiting for the ultimate disaster to happen - the breaking news.

You cannot provide script to parents about how and what to confront, such things have to come naturally. When you're engulfed with anger and emotions, you don't wait for the script, but you act, you threaten the abuser - remind him that there will be a consequence for his lousy actions. He will pay the price.

I hate this world where abusers live, who cause destruction and havoc to others, showing their mightiness on helpless people, forgetting that there will be repercussions. 

How do you solve domestic abuse, once you have kids? How?

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