Friday, June 7, 2013

To the lost love

I was thinking about him
Thinking bout me 
Thinkin bout us (us)
What we gunna be?
Open my eyes, (Yeah) 
it was only just a dream...

So I travel back (uh)
down that road (road)
Will he come back? (Uh)
No one knows 
I realize (Yeah)
It was only just a dream.

Happy second anniversary, Steward! 

Well, what's the news from my side...I wallowed over you for long longtime, cried almost everyday, but nowadays worries  replaced by Actuary. Exam is in July.  I'm doing this for you, so when we meet, again, you'll have something to feel good about me, than just seeing me as a mom/housewife.

Pray for me, please! Best of luck with whatever you're pursuing! Yes, I'm visualizing your face. I still remember you! Right around 5, I'll see my oil painting of yours, to give you a silent and painful look. Hope my message will reach to you. 

Hope to see you soon! Your all wishes should come true! Have a happy life!

Have a great day! 

Your missedConnection/friend

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