Monday, June 3, 2013

Lesson learned!

Never argue anything related to money. Accept it to politely decline and move on. 

Music teacher apologized for her statement: "If you are not okay with the increase, you will need to find another piano teacher.",  and added: "Your inflexibility demonstrated to me a total lack of appreciation for my highest degrees and qualifications as a dedicated piano teacher. "

One more thing: Be careful while writing emails. I have a habit of writing exactly like the way I feel emotionally. All I can see is my point of view when I express, especially when I'm disturbed about orher person's behavior. I got into problems many times, including with J. I have the habit of getting worst behavior out of people. I don't see anything wrong while I'm expressing, but oh boy, the way people react, always astonishes me.

Good for Steward, he will escape, or else he too would have been upset for something or the other. I put so much emotion/trust in somethings, and when they don't turn up to my expectation, it bothers me a lot. In this situation with piano teacher, my husband/editor edited my wordings, so I was safe to some extent.

As I said before, lesson learned.

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