Monday, June 24, 2013

I'll be breathing the same air like you-know-who

I was in ecstasy when I found out that I'll be vacationing in Italy for this summer - same continent like you-know-who, same kind of people like you-know-who, airports where like you-know-who might have stepped, places like you-know-who might have toured, international travel  like you-know-who....

But due to miles and code sharing, I'm restricted to American Airlines. Well no problem, I'll take whatever I can, at least I'll be in the same continent like you-know-who😜.

But when my Hubby said, "going through JFK will be a long way to reach Venice, so why not chose FRANKFURT, in that way, we will minimize airtime." 

I was like - OMG! Is it going to happen? Am I really, really, really going to meet him again? Will our paths cross again, for real??? Oh boy! Is it really going to happen? Really GOD!! Really!!! REALLY!!!!! I never thought I'll once again step in FRANKFURT Airport, that too without traveling to India or by Lufthansa, and especially after Lufthansa canceling Hyderabad route. What kind of miracle is this?? 

Then I notice this: FRANKFURT AIRPORT

AMERICAN AIRLINES and LUFTHANSA are rivals. They don't even share terminals. American uses TERMINAL 1 , where as LUFTHANSA uses TERMINAL 2. 

The worst part is American Code sharing flights too use Terminal 1, like AIR BERLIN. So even though I'll be in FRANKFURT airport, just like him, our paths won't cross. Well, it was always a very long shot to meet him again, so why not at least share same air😔😞😥😒😰, be there in the same vicinity. I'll take it!! I want to touch, feel, smell, hear, taste -  all the things which he experienced - places, air, smell, people, airports, food...anything which I know for sure he has experienced.

There is a proverb or a belief In Hinduism:

Without God's blessing, even a leaf won't move.

So our meeting can/will happen, only when God thinks - "it is a right thing to do."

Meanwhile, I need to study for the exam which is the in last week of July. 

UPDATE: Not even entering German air space. DESTINY!! Flying directly to ROME!😒

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