Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I want you back, I want you, want you, want you back!

Miracle or prayer answered, which one I don't know. From time to time, I search on Google for "Lufthansa steward" and I always get corrected by Google:

When I go through images, almost all are related to stewardess. Oh, I hate it so much - why the hell no one covers "STEWARDS".

But then on Sunday, on Twitter search, I found this video:

Oh my God, isn't this unbelievable?!?! LUFTHANSA STEWARDS!!!

Even though they may all be gay, but who cares, they are LUFTHANSA STEWARDS and that too so many. Believe it or not, this is how I wished - to see them moving - see them doing their job. Not only I got to see that, but bonus: dancing stewards. Oh, I just love their mannerisms, their presentation, their total look, their subtle movements, their crisp clothes, their hairstyle...love, love it. I'm really shocked that Lufthansa agreed for this kind of video especially something which is related to DaveyWavey who loudly declared himself as a Gay guy and makes YouTube videos which are more towards taboo subjects like gay sex. Of course, nothing wrong with this video at all - their dance movements - everything was neat and clean and totally fun intended. This video was recorded in Prague. That is what my guess is based on his earlier youTube video in which he talked about his upcoming surprise video.

All I can think of is how did he convince Lufthansa. I bet some German - German connection.
 I really, really miss my friend. I was alright in the morning - smiling and humming to some tune, but suddenly, a thought of him about that particular moment when he offered his friendship by hinting me to come to the galley - for which I did not acknowledge, and that made me cry. I don't know for how long I have to feel guilty for my act when he might not even remember the incident or me. Sometimes I'm scared to search for him - if I find him, I will definitely might  face disappointment and all these inquisitiveness days will come to end and my quest for that perfect love, perfect person, perfect relationship, perfect understanding - the perfectness vanishes.  But sometimes, I totally want to see him  - face the truth - find out whether such a thing called soul mates exist or whether his reaction towards me was a nine-hour fluke or was there any meaning. The best day of my life will be when we re-meet each other and if the same feelings persist. Will we get a second chance? That's what my wish is for now - for a second chance.

It is just not me who is missing that one special stranger who touched my heart in an instance but read Fell-In-Love-With-A-Stranger  - you'll be astonished to hear from guys - going through the same phase.

Some of the comments from the above mentioned website:

"its just the mystery that haunts me and I feel like it will haunt me for years."

"I am under no illusions that I am completely in love with this girl, I've never felt like this about any other girl, and hope against hope that one day our distance barrier will cease to exist."

"If I could go back I would definitively talk to her. but that's too late now. I have no chance of ever seeing her again, I just need to forget about her, but that will the most difficult thing I have ever done I think...clearly many other people have experienced this though. Next few days will be tough :("

"Looking into her eyes I felt that I knew her and I think she felt the same. I felt the connection and as she was leaving I can tell she wanted to talk. I did to but she was being told to leave. I now believe in love at first sight. I regret not getting her number but it only lasted about 15 seconds, I wish I had only another single minute."

"I think the lesson is this: closure is key. When you fall in "love" (lust) at first sight, or become infatuated with someone, do everything you can to get to know them on a more personal level. It's easy to fall in love with someone's physical appearance because we assume that they are perfect in every way. It is much easier to let go when you get to know them and their lack of perfection brings you back to Earth. Hope this helps."

"I hope writing this down helps me move on a bit quicker, because I am not enjoying this feeling. I have learnt a few things from this experience. ONE always take your chances with a girl when you have the chance and TWO who cares if you look like a fool. I will most definitely never see her again and that makes me feel sad, all I had to do was open my mouth when I had the chance and things could have been a lot different."

"How has everything been since you've seen this person, everyone? It's been almost four years since I've seen this girl and the image of her is slowly fading, but the memory isn't."

"Wow!! Truly, love happens, when you least expect it. It's just too cute to imagine how one meeting, can last a lifetime and then you go on with your lives, wondering if the other one was going through the same torments or regrets you're having.. I can understand the regrets, but I think you guys are more than lucky enough, to have had that very rare experience of a lifetime.., I wish I'll have one like that in the future.. ((((HUGs))))))"

"I looked away for one second and I couldn't see him anymore. I started to feel very sad. I stood up looking for him, went everywhere but I could just not find him. After that I went to the bathroom cause I felt that I was starting to cry. While I'm writing this I'm still crying. Oh God. I miss him. I try to not think about him but its just so hard. He was so perfect. Wish I had one chance to talk to him, to ask if he had MSN/SKYPE/facebook.. anything. Oh God. I try to think that it wouldn't work out to. We would be like hundreds of miles from each other, maybe its best the way it was. But ... Oh.... It wouldn't work out..."

All I can say is I'm lucky that at least I was able to do oil painting of us together.
All I can say is I'm lucky to paint his stare - the one which gave that sense of belonging.
All I can say is I'm lucky to capture his smile.
All I can say is I'm lucky for not forgetting his face.
Right now, two songs are playing in my head. Yes, simultaneously:

David Bowie's Let's Dance:
If you say run, I'll run with you
If you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two
If you should fall
Into my arms
And tremble like a flower

Emeli Sande's Next to Me:
next to me, oooohnext to me, oooohnext to me, oooohyou will find him, you'll find him next to me

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