Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yes indeed, love is in the air

My normal search about flight attendants led me to this article "How to get a flight attendant’s contact information after the fact?"

Amazing thing about the author of this article is I started following him on twitter when I came to know that he is a frequent Lufthansa flier and that incident of me following him on twitter happened  prior to reading this article. I unknowingly followed a wrong twitter handle and tweeted to that account by asking whether he will be willing to help me to search my friend, the Lufthansa steward. Of course, I did not get any response. Later on, when I found the right twitter handle, I did not bother to ask as he may think that I'm crazy. But now, after seeing this article, I'm laughing out loud.

Read this blog post from him The power of a flight attendant to change your mood…. Well, when I read this post, all I see is a flight attendant doing her magical service to make the customer happy. When some of you who read my post, might have thought the same as readers cannot see the expressions, the moments, the interaction, so they miss out the valuable information the writer is trying to deliver. Anyway like me, he is desperate to reach her. Will he? Is it possible?

Well, the next post, of course the title takes away the suspense. It’s a small, small world…

God, how can such miracle happen for him but not for me and that too, they were able to get in touch within a month. This guy and the flight attendant, both  knew each other's first and last name, whereas in my case, no name, no picture.....all I have is my art. And this guy's blog is popular and mine - better say nothing. Oh well, if my guy comes across this blog, he surely will run away. Who will think about someone after more than an year...other than me? Some of this guy's followers commented about how to get in touch with her by sending flowers with contact information to the airline customer service and in that way, along with the bouquet she will get the contact information to
 be in touch. Maybe I should have done something of that sort.....
now, it is highly impossible....the bigger the time gap, the creepier the 
whole thing sounds.

Well, if something is true, it doesn't have time limit.

Something which he said, truly represents my state of mind:

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