Thursday, September 27, 2012

What's wrong with married guys??

Laying out few email interactions, I had with my husband's married friend:

This interactions happened in early 2009:

I cancelled Dallas trip last week as I did not get invitation from you for Dinner. I would prefer your cooking over restaurant but you would not feed me. Confused. Just kidding. I cancelled it due to ice storm in the DFW area. On the other note, I have noticed that you have become noticeably quiet since I first met you in MN. I would prefer to talk to you with nobody around but that does not seem possible. I feel that you are way too much stressed out. This is none of my business anyway but just thought that I would pen it down.   

No problem, I can cook for you. FYI, I am not a great cook. The topic about me being quiet is just part of growing up. I don't remember how I was in MN but I know, I always give good first impressions. Now, I have two kids, so tiredness...blah blah. Thanks for showing concern towards me.You are welcome to pen away your thoughts.

Hello your highness, Long time no email. How are you doing? I will be in Dallas last week of this month. Need to call and talk to [Husband] as well. He called one day and signal was terrible. 

Hi, How was your trip to India ? We have moved to a new house. So very busy unpacking the boxes. Yes, I was there when [husband] called you. Looking forward to see you.

What is your husband's email?

[My hubby's email] Boxes are awaiting for your arrival.

What would I get if I help you open boxes? Hug? Thanks for the email.

Fabulous home cooked meal.

Where did you folks move? Meal is good added option but hug provides warmth and welcome feeling.

 Promise I will not make you unpack the boxes so, please try to come for dinner.

 I confirmed this evening with [Husband]. I am looking forward to warm hug. See u later.

It was nice to see you smiling. You were yourself. I bet that it is the hope of starting job soon. You are a good person. [Husband] is a lucky guy. I am jealous. Food was delicious. Next time, I will pick you up from your work and buy lunch. Talk to you later.

I waited for so long to give you a good news but can't. I went up to the 3rd round in the interview process and even met Vice President of the company but couldn't get the job. I did great in all those rounds. It might be because of me having two young kids. A strange thing happened, a guy asked me to write about myself and how many kids I have on a blank white paper and then told me to sign at the end. I was so positive of getting the job and then next time when you come, we can go lunch as you promised. Kind of disappointment but well I know, everything happens for good. Just want to let you know as you are the one who always encouraged me. I hope everything is going well for you.

Hello Sunshine. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. I hope that you get what you are looking for. You still owe me a hug from last time. I am counting interest on it and it may be long hug or more. If I don’t get it then I will sneak in when [Husband] is at work. Anyway, you are a smart female. Keep focus and eye contact, be confident and remember to smile.

2010 Interactions: 

How is soccer mom doing?

Busy as ever. I got a call back for the same job and given my due of interviews...waiting for the announcement. Maybe the manager may find someone else after interviewing me. So for now fingers crossed. What's new in your life? Any plans of coming to Dallas? 

I have still a job and doing same old work. Still working for CIO and managing development for global Oracle ERP deployment. We just kicked off JAD sessions for next generation of Oracle 11i software. It is going to be extremely year. I will come to Plano later this month. Keep sending note so I know you are alive. Your hubby ignores me. I told him that I am NOT eloping with you. 

Great news to pass on...the mgr of [Company where I gave an interview] like to offer the post.. Yay!! But the vp wants to cut back the budget so the post is on hold.. .. And that s called luck!

Good things happens to good people. Please be patient. It will come to you.

Thanks for taking time and coming home.

Thanks for what. Thanks to you for dealing with me. 

Thanks for showing romantic side of you. 

Are you serious? And what was that?

I said thanks for coming. I liked how you celebrated your wife's birthday. Good for you. Keep up good work! 

Want me to celebrate yours? Or how about training [husband]?

2012 Interactions:

How ru doing? I did not hear from you in a while. 

Is it really you? So any more little Guptas on the way? Haha...Belated happy new year to you and your family. Any plans to Dallas? 

No more Guptas I am aware of. Happy new year to you all as well. I am thinking of coming to Dallas in next few week. I just thought of going as I did not hear from my longtime friend. 

Wow! How nice of you to think abt us.... Aaaahh, should have come tomorrow. Would have celebrated my birthday and I could have gotten a gift from my longtime friend ;)

I need not to come tomorrow for a gift. What is the wish??? Watch out what you wish for. It may come true. See u later... 

Well I do have something personal and I want my wish to come true and which of course, is not in your hands though. When are you coming? [Husband] is all excited for you. Are you coming with your family? That would be lovely.

You got to share personal to friends. Don't underestimate the friends. I may make it happen. 

Need God's miracle but until then why don't you move to Dallas and make me your secretary or assistant. Haha..Still waiting for you to wish me on my birthday... 

Love to do it but this is why it is called wish!!! Hugs and K__ on your bday. Or may be this is only reserved for [Husband]. Are you 17 yet? Nah. Hot mom of [Suburb]!!!Send me [Husband's] email. Lost it with my old laptop.

You're good at flirting, not bad for a father of two. See you next week! 

 How are you? [Husband]’s email bounced. Send me his cell. Flirting? Works for me. What about u? I will stop if you want me to. Want a challenge for a dare? Nah. U can’t handle it. Cu later… 

I always wonder y u r not the same person when I meet u face to face. Sort of maintaining distance... Talk only about work... I don't know who that guy is who knocks at my door but just looks like u with the same name. Hmmm.. Who could it be? 

Here is the dare. Meet me for lunch and you can see real me. No kids. No [Husband]. It is a dare. Want to take this challenge? Nah. You are a chicken. Why real "you" won't come to my house? Why are there two of you's? Perplexed!!! 

Good morning sweetheart. Last night, I crashed early dreaming about you. If real me were to come to your house then it would [Husband] heart attack and free R rated movie to the kids...Still there? Thought you fainted.

Ewww!!What amazes me is you use office email to talk such things.... strange!Are you not getting love/attention at home? Are you bored with same routine work? Not finding any thrill in life? Are you going through midlife crisis? Too many Qs after reading your email....Get to work.... Lol! 

I hope you know that I am messing with you. I want your honest opinion – If REAL ME shows up at your door step, would it freak [Husband]? If he has pretty and smart wife, it is not my fault. 

No, he is pretty cool. The other day, he allowed me to go to dance clubs with my girl pals. That day, I returned at 1:30. He was fine and even took care of kids meal. Anyway, thanks for the complement. 

Stop lying! Dancing in Dallas? All desi crowd? When you all go next, may I watch you all desi divas? Were you drunk? Ok. Now tell me the secret. How many times did you get hit? One questions for you – Can you please tell me in layman terms what REAL Me is like? I will try to be one if you still allow to enter your place. Well your questions made me think who is REAL ME. I might have been buried with my job, kids, wife and life in general. It just comes out with mischievous, smart and pretty wife of Irving. Who knows? May be chatting with you is my escape. Call it missing love, boring work, mid life crisis, thrill or anything else. It does not bother me. May be take your family out for dinner. I may see you this week. Till then take it easy... 

What happened to coming home w/ wine bottle??? :) Let me know what you would like to have for dinner. I'll try my best.

Wine if you and [Husband] would drink. What is your fav wine? May be a cocktail. Like Mojito? 

Hi Sunshine. How is your day going? What are you up to on Valentine day?

Just pretty ordinary. Not making big deal abt Valentine's day. With kids, can't go out for a romantic dinner or musical show or anywhere. 

That is kinda dry. Well I am done with Day 1 and looking forward to boring evening. I may spend some time reading some books. CU later.

Anyway, recently I told him not to use the word "sweetheart" as it sounds derogatory. No email from him after that.

Even my married neighbor too flirts with me through Facebook email and numerous time invited me for lunch. He requested me to keep these email communication only about us not about spouses or any other matter. Once he even argued with me about what's wrong in going for a lunch. How can he not understand that what can I tell to my husband or what will he tell to his wife? All working people, all the time go for lunches. I said, yeah, if you are a colleague, not neighbors!! so I saw some weight was on your face...and it was so were really looking nice...:-) hey but I don't think that you have gained weight...I was expecting to see more but looks like you didn't :-) Too much he praises my beauty, about my way of raising kids. Of course, such praises make you feel good but you'll know whether they're fake or someone just time passing with you. What I don't understand is why are these people targeting me. Are they waiting to check out my character? Will I make bad moves behind my husband or will I screw up married woman's life? Are they time passing with me as no one is available? This guy is my neighbor, I can't be harsh with him as it will effect for life long and may lead to rumors too if I will come harsh or inform my husband. Yesterday, when I went for an outing with my neighbor's wife, I asked her without informing her that this is about her husband I'm talking about, is it common for North Indian guys to cheat or talk in above fashion? She said, no, they are all flirting - got nothing to do with North Indian men? She said how her husband won't even praise her new hairstyle or anything new in her but here with me, he takes time to praise. And even once suggested to elope with him and travel the world together. Sometimes I feel so depressed with their way of communication. My husband won't care or give any tribute to any of my work and here, these guys are swooning over me. Sometimes I feel that I should have someone, especially a guy friend because I never had and in crisis, instead of only my husband, I can rely on these guys for some kind of friendly support. Why to make keep everybody at distance? Right? When you don't like someone and their overly attention to you looks crazy. I felt so good when steward showed interest on me cause it felt genuine, he doesn't know my background and he did not know that I was married so it looked okay. But these guys, what's wrong with them?

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