Friday, September 28, 2012

The curse of being born as an Indian Woman

Those are the words came to my mind when I saw Mitt Romney's
 picture where is declaring his love towards his then-girlfriend.
Isn't that picture precious?
Indian woman never get to witness such an open affection. Yeah, of course marriages run and last longer than most western marriages but you should not dream of "love" between a couple. It is more of ADJUSTMENT, SACRIFICES for kids and taken-for-granted attitude. If you expect something like above picture, you'll be labelled as an "immature" and a person who is living in fantasy world or wishing to mimic western culture. Everything so muted and in depth that the so-called "love" of an Indian guy is difficult to know or for that matter, even to reach.

There is no flower showering or gift hovering, but full of responsibilities of cooking, taking care of hubby, kids and even some cases in-laws. No date nights or treating like a special lady by opening a car door, at least just occasionally. Oh yes, lot of Indian men especially who are abroad, have lot of money due to being studious, and of course, well choreographed life but hearts are filled with ego, false pride and unexpected affection/respect towards his

parents. The later one pops only after getting married.

Not subjected to unconditional love or pleasures of being with a life partner
but Indian woman have to go through  first responsibility of marriage  - SEX
or else according to Indian guy - marriage is not going well,
even if other departments of being married to this guy are going on smoothly.
Either celebrate life like this especially only
with his parents.... 

like this - get-togethers where women have to do cooking, cleaning, serving whereas
husband just ushers, mingles and takes pride.
People who want to jump on me and criticize for pointing out negative things - yes, yes, I know, there are some positive stuff too as you can rely on forever with whatever marriage you've, your kids don't have to go through divorce stuff or need to think about student loans but whenever I see immense love between couple or  Romney kind of pictures, I feel like when do Indian women get a chance for someone to make her feel special or when do an Indian guy feels pride, not at his living status but of getting married to his incredible partner.

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