Thursday, September 6, 2012

Make me to forget him, make me to forget...

That's what I'm chanting in front of God! Yes, I want to forget him. It is just impossible to meet him!

I should just think one more time that I came across a great loving character from a short story book but once I finished up reading, I should just move on to a new one or I can read the short story again and again without any new additional material or a sequel to it as the writer, in my case, the writer is none other than the God, who doesn't want to add or create a sequel to this short ten hour story as he thinks that's what is best for this story characters 😰.

If that is the case, please allow me to move on. Show me a new book on a different subject or wipe away my memory, make me forget him. Please!!!!

Divert me to something else. Show me something new and interesting. Please!! Please!!! I beg you! Please!!

For some reason, I get this unexplainable feeling, some kind of sense or a thought to check for him somewhere but the problem is I don't have any damn place to search for him. Why does my brain give some kind of signal to check on him when I don't have any place to search for him in this whole wide world. His smiley face pops up in my visual thoughts from time to time, raising hopes but God, where can I go in search for him, when I don't know anything about him? You have to help me!!! Please make me to forget him - no more his smiley face! I can't reach you, ok! I had a chance, but I blew it. So let us just forget. I know for sure, I'm the only one suffering, totally one side and yes, I know it is due to my uninteresting life. So please God, help me! Please!!

The tears which are flowing from my eyes have no meaning. Maybe I'm depressed and just using his excuse, I guess. If there was something pure between us, through means of telepathy, you would have known that I'm calling for you, but there is no such thing.

So I beg you God, help me to forget him!

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