Monday, September 24, 2012

Love Stricken Guys Exist!!

Too many times, I wondered whether a guy will hold a special place in his heart when he meets/likes a certain woman for a shorter time frame or will time and space make the special feeling vanish away? Well, I found the answer through this video.

I'm so happy to inform you that people like me EXIST. Like me, Sandy Crocker is in search for someone whom he met LAST SUMMER. Just like me, time has nothing to do with our belief!!

The difference between me and Sandy Crocker is
  • He doesn't have sketch of her but I have my steward's sketch. 
  • He had only two minutes of time with her where as mine was ten hour saga.
  • He is not sure of her feelings, but I'm pretty sure of my guy - at least I was.... of course positivity is fading away as nothing is happening. I'm doubting his existence.
  • Well, this guy is available - unmarried/independent unlike me ;) So totally wrong on my part to search for my guy but I want to know the truth. I want to believe in what I see. I want to know whether he really really liked me, whether we both were special ...whether out meeting was special...I want to believe everything happens for a reason. Is there a meaning behind my tears or am I a lunatic who just wanted damn attention? Forget about me, but what about him? The first glance?? The unwavering feeling towards me for ten hours?? Was it just frequent flight occurrence?   
  • If my guy was so into me, how come he is not acting out like this Canadian guy, why can't he search for me or put a video about his feelings...even though, I did not take the initiative of acknowledging his interest to talk. But look at Joe Biden, he never gave up, persuaded Jill until she agreed. Which in my case is missing.
  • Unlike me, Sandy is taking action. Traveled back to the place where he met her, advertised for her on local TV. I'm trying through my unpopular blog, through a youTube video, through my sketch and through frequent google search. I also thought of traveling to Frankfurt but I don't have freedom like Mr.Dentist.
Well, some comments for the article, were very supportive and some were as usual judged his mental stability. Some asked about why Sandy did not give his phone number right away, why this passive aggressive move, why he did not feel right away that she is his soul mate...

Well, I know the answer. Cause I went through the same situation. Until he gave me a signal to come and talk, I thought it was just one way/fun, but when he gave me a signal which was right at the end of the flight. I did not have enough time to process as I already went through a hell with J - the misunderstandings, the failure to accept that it was just for that moment, nothing is true in this world and you can't believe in what you see, that things/feelings change as time passes, mutual/first-time feelings are temporary/time-pass and not worth to follow upon. I was not in a position to believe in what I see. I just thought - hey don't worry man, feelings will disappear, was just a temporary fun, but never thought that I'll cry for him or miss him badly. It took a while to analyze that it was from the get-go, mutual positive feelings towards each other. 

If our feeling was SO mutual, how come I can't find him anywhere? How come he won't present himself? Sandy went back to Ireland to search for her, but I can't go to Frankfurt to search for him cause I know he won't like me once he knows who I am. I don't think so his feelings are strong enough to overlook my baggage. All I want is to once in my life to get acknowledgement that I'm worthy enough to be loved, that I'm worthy enough to get to experience "true love".

I can honestly tell you that this is not LUST but a strong belief - the sense of belonging I felt for him. I've no plans of life or future with him, but for now, I want to acknowledge that I like and miss him dearly. That day whatever feelings we had was mutual. It just that I needed time to analyze😔.

Sometimes, I miss him so much...but then, there is no place to go in search for him other than my portrait or go back down memory lane. Yes, I ask myself, numerous times, why should I miss him? But I do!! Kind of a cruel joke God has played with me. He comes across so many blue-eyed beautiful Flight Attendants on day-to-day basis, why he did not ignore me like rest of the world. If he felt I was special in some way with my non-caucasian face, then how can he forget about me - just like that! Why couldn't he be like Sandy Crocker?

Even though, I was finally able to sketch him after a year. Even though fate is telling through this video that guys like Sandy exist. Even though, my guy's face is still crystal clear, I need to forego. YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!!

Thank God my blog is not popular. Otherwise, I could have not openly written my feelings towards my guy. Literally, I felt those negative comments were directed towards me. When it is only one way, it won't feel right, not even to you. To make it right, you need a partner with same belief/same pain/same feelings/be on same page.

All the best to Sandy Crocker. Hope she won't think you as a freak. Hope she understand your feelings, believes in love-at-first-sight, believes in true love and still available. Hope she won't throw away your effort by thinking you as a stalker. For a guy to take such steps is totally amazing. Thank you from folks-like-me, who are looking for a proof that such guys do exist. It is not just woman who chase love or believe in fairy tales or believe in such moments.

Well, I'm aborting my search for my guy as I know for sure that he has given up on me, the day I deplaned from flight LH 441. I already made my video private and taken off a special page which I designed for him before by mistake, unfortunately, he clicks on any of my links and feels awkward.

Many will go through such emotions but only few can make it on TV, so these are signs that they are for meant each other. Everything happens for a reason 😜Best of luck! Thanks for letting us know that guys like you exist!!

Well, if my steward ever falls on my posts and thinks I'm crazy, I don't have to worry. I can say, it is just not me but there are others too that too a guy. Thank you SANDY!!

For much more on Sandy Crocker, click here!

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