Tuesday, September 18, 2012

There is always something there to remind me.

Met Javier
Fernandez while
browsing channels..
Yes, yes, that's the smile..
..that's what I thought.
It all started with Jude Law's portrait!
Did my own sketch without
having any clue about facial
bone structure or width of the
nose or cheek/chin bone structure..
Retouched Jude Law's painting..
did not know, why the painting
resembled my friend steward..
Found someone online with
kind of same facial features..
but again..not sure.
Explored the world
of animation to depict
his facial expressions
when he laid eyes on me
for the first time!
Regular google search
for my friend
led me to this guy..
so removed his curly locks
and tried to make him look
like my friend.

Finally, happy to declare that this
is my friend for whom I'm searching.
Following an artist on twitter, led me to
her boyfriend's sketch. Looking
at the sketch made me realize a close resemblance
to my friend.
So on Sep 13th 2012, after 464 days,
I am 100% sure, this is how he looks.
Does this mean anything? Not logically,
but at least solved the puzzle!
The face even after so many days,
still fresh in my mind
still as if I met him
I like his grim face..
...represents longing for me,
just like the way I do for him.
After one and half year, I finally present you the oil painting of him. This is him!
If any Lufthansa Steward resembles like him, please let me know.

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