Monday, September 24, 2012

Fascinated by Frank Abagnale Jr.

Beginning of the book was exactly like the way the movie was. The whole time I pictured Leonardo DiCaprio. Interesting part was when he impersonated like a Pan Am pilot. In between I lost interest. Thought due to my interest in crew life but when he got caught, I couldn't keep the book aside. The book doesn't say anything about his phone call on Christmas day with FBI agent. Frank Abagnale is not as cute as Leonardo DiCaprio, not even close.

So many ups and downs in his life. Good-bad-good and every part of his life is riveting!

What Deadheading means??
Flying free as a captain/crew member
Interesting tidbit about flight altitudes
Meaning behind  bank check numbers
The case mirrors that of conman Frank Abagnale Jr. who flew more than one million miles on over 250 flights to 26 countries in the 1950s. He had secured a PanAm uniform by forging a pilot's license. His story is showcased in the film, "Catch me if you Can," starring Leonardo DiCaprio.Read more.. 

Surprising details which we did not get to see in the movie especially ordeal in French prison at Perpignan which really captivated me and made me get through kids' election results:

Prisoners were stripped naked and thrown into 5x5x5 cubes where they were kept in complete darkness, fed subsistence diets, not allowed to bathe or brush their teeth, had no human contact, and had only a bucket for sewage which was rarely emptied, causing them to lie in their own waste when it overflowed. This treatment was irrespective of criminal/non-criminal background. He remained there 6 months before being released, by which time he had double pneumonia, severe skin rashes and rotted teeth. When the judge ordered for a year, he thought that was not bad until he came to know - what he is really going to deal with!

According to this website:

In the interview, Frank says he does not consider himself a genius, but rather an opportunist. I find that ridiculously modest, but maybe he really means it. He also reminded the listeners that although the movie made his life seem glamorous, there were plenty of nights where he cried himself to sleep because he was all alone and couldn’t go home because he was on the run from the law.

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