Sunday, September 2, 2012

Don't ask me to show love, when I don't have any..

Yes, that's what the answer is to my In-laws for my behavior during their stay with us. I proved to myself and to others that when my heart is not into it, no one or no desire can force me to act against my wishes.

Yes, I did not do any Indian breakfast for them nor cooked any rotis' or dinner like before. At one instance, I even answered back when she tried to teach good manners to my kids.

Yes, I feel sorry for my husband, but what can I do? If he loved his parents truly, he should have behaved well with mine because you are the one who will bear your karma. All his wrong doings, false pride led to this stage where I don't care for anything anymore, act according to my will and destroy whoever comes on my way to hurt me. I can hear devil laughing inside my head - ha ha ha ha....with fire in her eyes.

On their previous trips to USA - Oh my Mil, she played so many lousy games with me - commenting and then cooking for herself when I already cooked for them, corrupting her son's brain by filling poison by linking me to BIL or crying on something or other to infuriate roguishness in him so that he can have ill-filling towards me. My FIL used to show arrogance, lying on my bed, showing attitude like he was some kind of king, but now, accepted defeat and ran away, did not even finish their six month tour. Re-booked to earlier flight, to leave on Sep 27th.

My question is what happened, couldn't they bend me the way they wanted or couldn't turn up his son totally against me.  I was worried where my FIL will preach me about how to be with in-laws, but somehow spared me. One reason, they are scared of my mouth - my direct straight forward questions, the true haunting questions, the ones - they don't have answers and which will put them on spot to hear truth. But my FIL wanted to save his old heart and not get into unnecessary arguments.

Even though MIL did her duty by spilling venom to pass it on to me through her son. Of course, it reached up to me in August and caused a havoc in our lives, I did not change a thing. I told my husband, by force you cannot achieve anything. You can hit me, how many ever times, all you get is hatredness - double, triple...and will not bend myself according to your way and start doing things to please some nuts. I told him, you chose to be their slave, that is your wish but you can't make me or my kids slaves to them.

As far as I know, there trip was totally failed. All that hullabaloo, they used to do for their occasions like birthdays' and anniversaries, nothing happened this year. I was rebellious all through the time, not bending anywhere to anything. Of course, I feel bad for my FIL as he kinda became wise but I cannot tolerate my MIL. I don't know what makes her to be a snob, a total B****.

Well, one day God will give her a lesson. For now, I'm thanking God for his blessings by cutting short my misery. Now, no way, I can my parents to my so-called home but I guess, that's okay as anyway he would have not behaved well with them. That is in his genes.

My mom says that they may curse me. I said, it is in God's hand and he knows the truth. He will take care and pretty well he knows - who is who!

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