Monday, July 30, 2012

See it to believe it - The Alternative India

Thanks to effortless surfing on TV, made me to discover Paul Merton's episodes on India on AXS Channel.

According to BBC channel:

Don’t miss a moment of Paul’s Indian adventure – a series which sees him hang out with a gang of eunuchs; dine with convicted criminals in a high security prison; learn to ‘rock’ on stage Indian style, meet India’s numerous world record holders (including the man who had 18 concrete blocks smashed on his groin with a sledgehammer) and get swamped by thousands of naked holy men at a remote hilltop festival.
Facing angry elephants, delinquent monkeys, spitting cobras and holy rats along the way, Paul finds the ‘alternative’ India. Journeying right into the heart of a country where anything can happen and usually does, Britain’s most unlikely explorer reveals what makes this emerging superpower so unique.

Astonishing and weird things happens in India:

Paul Merton travels to Gujarat, where an auspicious festival is about to begin, attends the Shivratri Festival where he is surrounded by nearly a million worshipers (many of them naked), all celebrating Lord Shiva, becomes the follower of a naked guru, gets stoned and watches disciples perform astonishing tricks with their penises. - I couldn't believe and still can't believe.

He also gets plunged into the crazy world of a eunuch gang in Jaipur – a world where a group of eunuchs regularly lay siege to local shops and businesses, threatening to strip off their saris unless they get paid…Experienced this when I was a child while traveling on trains 

He meets Raj, a snake rescuer in Hyderabad who has devoted his life to protecting his beloved snakes and Paul is swept along on a hair-raising rescue, then meets the unnerving residents of Raj’s home farm. In his farm, he keeps Cobra for few weeks to study their behavioral pattern. He already lost few fingers on his hands and still does rescue operations without a protective glove or knee heel boots. 

He visits local Hare Krishna kitchens in Bangalore, where 10,000 takeaway meals are prepared daily, Paul enters the central prison where the food is so good, the convicts don’t want to be released... meets the well-fed inmates, stumbling on a rehabilitation salsa class(Pelvic moves) along the way!

In Bangalore, he meets an intelligent doctor who is so crazy for getting into Limca Book of Records(record book of Indian origin). And why he is into it is to make Indians aware that they are nothing less to their American peers. What kind of records he is breaking? Well, fastest skipping record in a minute, 43 frisbee exchanges in a minute.....and in between the records, he goes into trance to retrieve his energy. Appreciate his sincerity and focus, but when few humans are involved in doing dare devil activities and in Xtreme sports and making unbeatable records, he with risk-less activities sounds crazy. 

Paul heads to Chennai beaches, only to discover a group on the sand who meet daily to practice the art of laughter yoga. This is an exercise involving laughing at nothing and the guy discussed with Paul of this laughter exercise has restored his hair but when Paul pointed the bald guy, the answer was whatever hair is on his head is due to this exercise. - My Father in law himself does this even when he is in US, so I'm aware of it!

Paul meets BB Nayak in Mumbai who holds the record for having been kicked in the testicles the most times in one minute! The worst thing is this guy allows his kid to hit him over there and then requests Paul to do the same. With lot of hesitation Paul agrees to it. I questioned myself - really, is this happening in India?

See it to believe it!! 

Not only alternative India but he shows the dark side of India too by going to Red Light Districts in Calcutta where promiscuous actions happens right in front of kids as their mothers are prostitutes and where minor girls are always in danger of rape  And he even showed how kids who runaway from awful circumstances of their home, survive by relying on the trash and leftover foods at Mumbai's famous railway station.

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