Monday, July 9, 2012

Back in the Air

              I'm back from a twelve day northeast part of USA trip covering Washington DC, Niagara Falls, New York City and Philadelphia. Even though, I have been to Washington DC and New York, a decade ago but seeing them with a new frame of glasses (knowledge and experience based on living in US) has given me the best time and a glimpse of the world from up close.

            Getting onto an airplane with newly acquired knowledge about Flight Attendants made me closely observe them. Lucky me, my husband chose to sit in the last row of the plane - in that way, I was closer to FAs. The two FAs sat in the small section of the pantry,  facing the opposite way, either reading gossip magazines or chit chatting or getting ready to serve. I'm surprised that even though the plane was taxing, still they walked up and down the isle, making sure everything is alright. Even at the turbulence time, they don't buckle up, but walk if needed.

            Surprising and an emotional thing I encountered was when I picked up the magazine to read - an article about Frankfurt. I thought this might be an auspicious sign of unbelievable/unpredictable thing of meeting him is in near future. Even though, I tried to keep hopes down, here or there - something  or the other gave a glimpse of light/a false hope.

Shhhh....don't complain to Flight Attendants
 To my shocking, at the end of the flight while we were waiting to deplane, FA asked me about where did I buy the red color bangle as she tried in many places but couldn't get the pure red one. I said, "this is from India." With my new affection towards FAs, I offered her my bracelet, but she declined to take. She commented that recently she adopted a baby from China and her second choice was an Indian baby but went ahead with Chinese baby. Well, that just put few questions in my head - why second choice? Is it due to Chinese babies easily available or they are fairer skin than their counterparts?

Cute own plane shadow on Potomac River
Washington DC, here I come!

Bright day!!
I like Washington DC skies....pretty blue with low clouds

Wish my husband chose Dulles International or JFK International than Ronald Reagan Airport. I would have had some chance of seeing him at the airport even though my arrival time doesn't match with Lufthansa arrivals.

Union Station

We went to the Union station to park our rental car and grabbed a quick lunch before heading to Capitol for our appointment to visit. Yes, appointment to visit! Do you know that you've to take a five month prior appointment to visit White House? Of course, we did not know that as we were under the assumption that after 9-11, White house doors are closed for public.

No reflecting pool anymore as it is under construction!!

A large fountain, called King Neptune’s Court, decorates the outside of the main entrance to the Library of the Congress. In a semicircular pool, two tritons blowing conch-shell trumpets flank a bronze statue of Neptune. Two bare-breasted water-nymphs ride sea horses in niches to the side. Don't look at it too close, unless you want to peek at something!
Library of Congress
Books that shaped America, a current exhibition
was a good one to visit. Even
Dale Carnegie, How to Win Friends
 and Influence People (1936) 
was listed. 
This time, I was disappointed with the way Washington DC looked - lot of buildings under constructions, huge cranes, blocked roads, the open space near Washington Monument was not at all maintained - long, wild and dry grass - pathetic right in front of White House - the powerful man's residence.
Reflecting Pool at the Korean War Memorial - the place which saddens every human heart and makes you question - why do we fight? Why some people's decision makes someone to shed their life? In the name of the country, poor souls have to die.

At one point of my time, I was surrounded by capitol building, Washington Monument, across the monument - White house, the Air and Space Museum, the Natural History Museum. And the greatest part about it was that ALL of it was FREE! The Smithsonian Institution was a "gift" to the nation from the British Scientist, James Smithson, for the "increase and diffusion of knowledge."

Behind the Capitol......thank you so much..time to enjoy some cool water.
Next day, planned to drive to Niagara Falls. You might be thinking - Are you done with Washington DC? Of course, not! We will come o D.C. at the end of the trip to see the bountiful knowledge filled museums. be continued

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