Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Back in the Air - Continued(Newark)

After more than four hours of drive, we reached New Jersey. We did not book any hotel for night as we were not sure of where we will be. We called almost every hotel closer to Manhattan but couldn't find any hotel with decent price. The reason behind expensive hotel rooms was due to NBA draft or some sort of major event during that weekend.

So I suggested of trying Priceline. My husband said that's a very good idea as in Priceline, you can mentions the hotel star rating along with the price range. And in that way, we got a very good hotel - Wyndham Gardens near NEWARK Airport.

Wyndham Gardens Lobby, Newark, NJ
Hellooooooo....near INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Any chance of an encounter with Steward? Is it possible? My heart started beating fast, emotions were up in the air....I was on the verge of crying....anxiousness was building up....will I finally see him? How will he react after seeing me? Will he recognize me? Once we got down at the hotel, I already started noticing few Flight Attendants, pilot's getting down from Airport bus. I was like...finally destiny...First, Washington Flyer having an article on Frankfurt and now, me staying near International Airport where chances of Flight Attendants staying is 100%. I quickly checked time and it was 8:00 P.M., thought if he is here, he might be sleeping in his room or maybe getting ready for a quick dinner near hotel or in hotel restaurant.

When I was in the lobby, I started looking all around....checked on the nearby screen showing flight departures and arrivals. I was not sure about Lufthansa flying from Newark, even though it is an International  airport. And when finally, we got the key to the room on the second floor, once we were out of the elevator, I saw Crew Lounge and even noticed some Asian crew using gym. CREW LOUNGE on the same floor. God, are you really going to make me meet him? Really, is it going to happen? One side, I was happy and the other side, I was so tensed, scared about the outcome, the reaction...

Once we were inside the room, I quickly checked on my husband's phone about Lufthansa's arrival time in Newark. Lufthansa App showed flight from Boston. I did not get much information from Google. I started relaxing....maybe nothing will happen.

Gilchrist & Soames Shampoo & Conditioner
Best thing about this hotel is the shampoo and Conditioner: I have never ever felt hair being lighter, cleaner, softer and silkier. Blown away by the product.

Our Verde Hair Purifier is a gentle shampoo perfect for all hair types. Using natural cleansers derived from coconut oil, balanced with extracts of Olive Leaf, Verde shampoo will help promote a healthy shine and soft, radiant locks. The companion Hair Protector is the ideal cream conditioner. Infused with Glycerin, Vitamin B5 and Basil Extracts it is sure to moisturize, nourish and tame even the most challenged strands.
  • 6.4oz Shampoo
  • 6.4oz Conditioner
Price $20.00
Oooh..that's expensive. Wish someone from London could give me for less.

Worst thing about the hotel is the internet - terribly slow.

Based on recommendation from concierge, we chose a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Driving in New Jersey, gives headache. The moment, the exit sign shows up, right then and there the exit will be there, that too 360 deg turns. Even with GPS, you still can get lost. Even though four mile to Chinese restaurant, took us more than thirty minutes to reach. I don't even remember the name of the restaurant but food was really good. But what I noticed is how they expect customers to pick food and go...rather than have dinner at the restaurant itself. That's when I remembered Seinfeld Tv series. In one of the episodes, Eliane, that's how orders Chinese food and picks up to eat in Janitor area as the restaurant doesn't deliver the food outside their area but she likes their food and was even ready to eat in the Apartment Janitor room.

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