Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back in the Air - Continued(Corning, the Crystal City)

It is time to drive to NYC but we thought to go via Corning and show the kids - the marvels of Corning - a world leader in specialty glass and ceramics.

Astonished by the way, the company progressed with remarkable inventions, proving to the world of "What a glass can do?".

Make your own glass @Corning Museum
The museum was well organized with exhibits, make-your-own-glass classes, galleries, live demos and shopping. The only thing, I was disappointed was about pricing for classes. My kid joined in a class of blowing up a glass to  make her own sculpture, but to our surprise, when we went for the class - all she did was to pick colors and apply alcohol to the end of the rod and at the end blows air to expand the glass(superficial). And the rest is taken care by the demonstrator - like mixing colors, heating the glass at the right temperature, blowing up to get the shape...totally everything. But when we attended the live demo of how you blow up and make shapes....that's when I understood is blowing up glass to get the shape, you desire is an art and it comes by years and years of experience. I guess Corning charged $27.00 + $28 shipping is for the final product. I still feel that it is expensive and in the end - you can't even say I made that sculpture.

I recommend the museum. It is a must see place, knowledge and art wise, you'll be amazed with what all we can do with glass - All you need is vision, creativity. Been to the museum made us to appreciate the price of the final products and now, we understand, how difficult it is make a vase - how much time and efficiency needed. Now, we know why the delicate drinking glasses are expensive.

Why Steve Jobs used Corning for iPhone, entering the museum by itself, explains. The way everything was presented, the ambiance resembles Steve Jobs perfectionism. Even the museum cafeteria serves in eye pleasing, modern ceramic WHITE plates. The way, the glass demands the artist to show perfectionism, patience and preciseness to get the final intended product has in turn, made the museum architects/organizers to be perfectionists or maybe vise verse. But once you visit the galleries, you will really appreciate the designers, intellectual thinkers, perfectionists which comes from being patient and calmness within themselves to create magnificent pieces and representing themselves that they are many steps away from norms.

And one more surprising thing was finding Indian oriented menu items in the Cafeteria. What that proved is that lot of Indians work at Corning research department and thereby influencing the museum and tourism.

I enjoyed shopping....no, not for decorating the house but decorating myself. I mean to say "JEWELRY". I was totally surprised by the collection, the colors and even the price. You can go crazy if you want to decorate your home as so many eye catching vases, bowls, flowers, sculptures.... but the problem is they are easily breakable and that is one of the reasons - the market for glass products is going down.


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