Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back in the Air - Continued

Union Station Food Court
               On that night, while I was trying to sleep, I visualized about meeting Steward at the Union Station Food Court in the pretext of him being a visitor during his short break. He was sitting right across me when suddenly our eyes meet, we both were puzzled and questioned ourselves - is it really the same person? Then cleverly, to sort out the confusion, he gets out an envelope which displays Lufthansa on the front cover. I was startled by this new development and couldn't show my inner emotions as I was surrounded by my family but softly I say to my family that I need to use the restroom. Before leaving, I give him a glance to follow me.

            Then, I wait and wait, but he doesn't show up. I start crying and that's when it struck me that the glance which he gave me on the plane was exactly the same - a secret way of saying when you're in a public area and that is UNIVERSAL - a way of informing the person to follow him/her and for which I did not respond. How terrible he might have felt for my no-show? What can I say? I'm ignorant, coward and don't take spontaneous . Well, that's when I stopped visualizing and closed my eyes tightly.

A Father was still in action even
though his son was wounded and
bleeding at his footsteps
          Next morning, we planned to go to Niagara Falls via Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It was an American civil war between Confederates and Union or in reality - whites fought with each other for African slaves. Due to some noble people like Abraham Lincoln, the craving-for-slavery Confederates died and unions won. Amazing thing about the place is, even though it happened 149 years ago, some of the houses, canons, the valley during that time still remains. The guides take pleasure in reciting the story. There are enactors too who play the drama and keep the history intact. Recently, they even found some bodies and even recognized a fallen soldier.

"147 Years Later, Wisconsin Civil War Soldier Gets Medal,  Associated Press, May 19, 2010"
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Lucky Nose @ Gettysburg, Pennsylvania -
rub the nose to be lucky. I can use all
the luck/blessing in the world to find Steward! 
  According to the guide, Irish people make decisions first before  thinking about the repercussions.   Even though Colonel Patrick H. O'Rourke dies in the war but his foolish decision actually saves the Union and plays a major role in winning the battlle.

In one of our conversations, the guide mentions about how thrilled he was when he saw his family crying while watching the enactment for which he paid $40/ticket and thought to himself of how finally they understood the emotional part of the war. But to his surprise, they were crying due to the  reaction from the gunpowder being in the air. Based on Guide's theory, there was a lot of ugliness hidden in decision making and how politics played a role in giving power to wrong people in return of past favors.

Civil War Soldier program @ Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 

Later on we made kids to participate in the Civil War Soldier program. One good thing, the organizers did was not splitting the kids into Confederates or Unions and start that ill feelings between Confederate States and Union States. Instead, they taught them about how they dressed, how to march like a soldier and how to take orders from the Commander to win battle for United States Army.

On our Way to Niagara Falls
......to be Continued

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