Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in the Air - Continued( New York City)

This is what you see in NY - well dressed, busy, tired looking office goers crossing the streets. Taxis, cars, people everywhere...busy busy walking
We got a view of covered Space Shuttle Enterprise
from the road
On our casual drive to NYC, we were surprised to see people participating in Group Yoga classes, right in the  middle of tall buildings, office goers and  traffic stricken roads.

Next day, we woke up and headed to Ellis Island from New Jersey side.
1903 Alien Arrival List to USA 
Ellis Island
America was once was used by Britishers to keep criminals, just like the way Australia was....something which I did not know. How did Canada escape British regime....Yes, of course, due to wonder "French" and "English" are official languages of Canada.
The place makes you wonder, irrespective of race or color, people kept themselves busy treating fellow human beings worst. Whoever ran and came to new land started occupying lands and formed groups based on their country and culture. Later on, hated Asian immigrants based on their skin color and culture. And even this new found land curtailed the Asian growth by passing laws. According to the articles, Germans descents occupied Minnesota, Italians occupied NY, Polish occupied Illinois.
Few cool Americans whose ancestors came to America via Ellis Island can even check their records. Scores of letters about praising this new found land written to family members is displayed all over the building.

Manhattan View from Statue of Liberty park

The Famous Registry room @Ellis Island

View from Statue of Liberty park

New towers in place of World trade center buildings

Cruises to Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty park
Don't ask me - why I took so many pictures of Statue of Liberty?
Liberty State Park is located on the shores of the Hudson River.
The statue was created by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi and was a gift from France to the US to represent friendship. 
Well, according to Gettysburg Guide, with out France help USA would have not gotten
 independence from British.
The statue was made of copper but due to oxidation, turned pretty green.
The spikes on the statue represent seven continents.

Beautiful place to relax, enjoy the view and eat healthy food which is served at  Statue of  Liberty cafe. No Fried  food and only organic. I guess thanks to Bloomberg!
Three days stay at Staybridge which is on 40th street...walking distance to Times Square.  Free snacks and drinks on weekdays which we missed as reached hotel at around 7:00 P.M.  Relaxed for a while...
and then planned to hit NYC's No. 1 Pizza place in Brooklyn by taking the NYC's famous subway.
Unbelievable but true,  my whole family struggled to swipe the ticket to get in, luckily a woman helped us.....couldn't figure out until the last day while onward journey to Reagan Airport. Lesson learned - straight swiping with steady hand!

What I observed while traveling on New York subway is no one dares to make an eye contact or a genuine smile in fear of small talk, so they keep themselves busy by reading or hearing music. As I was a newbie, I looked around, saw lot of book advertisements and made few eye contacts. And yes, I felt awkward for not keeping myself busy by reading  a book or act like busy on the phone. It is actually scary to ride on nights, almost weird feeling of someone chasing you creeps in your mind.

Brooklyn Bridge 
Without knowing the way, walked other side of the bridge...
only to realize on the phone GPS, indicating us to turn back and redo the walking
Read my experience at the famous pizza place at Brooklyn - Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Lovely place to walk in the night. They have a special path for cyclists, right next to pedestrians and away from car traffic. And no truck traffic allowed on the bridge. be Continued

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