Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mama's and Papa's Boy

Yes, my husband is mama's and papa's boy! They say, "men who have a good relationship with their mothers tend to be more understanding and respectful toward women and treats his partner well."

Well, that's not the case. I feel, if a guy is nice and respectful with everyone, will bound to be good with his significant too. Certain relationships are not calling him to be good, but in general he is good. And that's the guy is better than one who treats his momma well.

Yes, as a mom, I would prefer my son to give importance to me, treat me well, think about me on special events.

I'm really saying, I have never seen anybody like my husband when it comes to showing love towards his parents. The laziness just vanishes. Doubt arises - is he the same guy, I often see? Even though I don't want to compare myself with his parents but its natural if I do. And I don't like what I see. Everything loudly screams that my happiness or treating me well is not his priority. Once I argued with him when he broke my heart by going against my wishes - I may not be old and fragile when compare to your parents(no, they're not fragile) but if you break my heart, irrespective of my age, I may die with grief. 

Yesterday, this is what I noticed - I can tolerate my in-laws somehow but when he enters into the scene, his undivided attention with babyish talk and ridiculous way of pleasing and giving microscopic thought to every minute detail so that to please them in every possible way just irritates me, not only irritate but feels kind of a slap to my existence. They are not God and if anything goes wrong, not a big deal. They will deal just like any other human being on the Earth.

He buys things before they ask and thinks prior of what and when to buy. He peels and cuts fruit into small specks. He double checks if the fish is cooked well and tastes it before he serves. He cleans up the house, does their laundry work, serves dinner in the upstairs media room while they watch movie. All these extra work is not for just one day but for six months with same dedication and love. Resolves his differences with his sister and acts like nothing ever happened, so that he won't ruin his parents trip. Respects his sister's husband and gives him company by doing small talk which he himself said that he hates. Everybody in the house should act and work in accordance to make his parents trip - a memorable one. Would have been so much better, if we didn't marry anyone, in that way, his devotion to his parents would have been justified.

 I want to keep my emotions under control and not give him pleasure of making me feel low but I'm an open book. If something bothers me, it just shows up on my face. I've come across many times through TV/magazines about how they say of letting your partner know about your feelings but in my case, it is just waste. He doesn't care. That's what happens, when you get things easy without any hard work, you tend to disrespect and doesn't know the value of it.

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