Thursday, February 2, 2012

Here comes February!!

Together we make love

Husband love
I celebrated my birthday with a midnight call from my maternal family, hollering happy birthday. Later, my husband wished by giving a beautiful thoughtful card.

Before dozing off to sleep, my daughter asked me on 1 to 5 scale being 5 as best, how excited I'm for my birthday. I said '1' as how can I explain to her that after certain age and after too many years of disappointment, you just try to shut off dreams, enthusiasm...Gone are those days - when friends shower with cards, gifts, parties, restaurants, hitting off to movie theatres.

Birthday Card From Daughter
Anyway to make her happy, I said I'm excited to see your card. Girls are really special, filled with compassion, excitement. Really impressed by her card which displayed creativity and thoughtful words. She mentioned about "no screaming day" referring to her screaming habit whenever someone annoys her. The whole day, she behaved so well which made me not to scream at her and neither - she screamed at anyone.

Daughter's love
Another Card made by my daughter. Pricking words but trying to be positive

I do more positive things than what she mentioned but looks like my negative behavior is stuck with her. I really try my level best to not to do name calling but sometimes they test my patience.

In-laws Birthday Card
Last three lines are the best!!
Something unexpected entangled with lovely words from my In-laws and that made me to display which would have definitely pleased my husband's eyes.

While I was on the call with my parents, I received a call on the second line which I ignored but then it happened two more times from the same number. So, I called back and to my astonishment it said - call has been placed using VOIP. So, sorry you cannot trace back the caller. Later, when I checked email - a zigg alert popped up mentioning that someone searched for me in North Carolina with my full name.

Search Engine: Google
Search Terms: [Insert Full name]
Visitor Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: February 01, 2012
Time: 10:49 AM EST

Spooky! Isn't it???

And that's it, my imaginations carried me over - thinking maybe the Lufthansa Flight Attendant finally found me and trying to reach for me. I was like - God you heard me!!
Yeah, yeah...but my heart and soul knows - it is impossible that too after so maaaaaaaaaannny months. One thing, I can promise you, if he searches and finds me, he is definitely, have to be my soul mate - to think alike and to believe on something so strong - got to be soul mates.

Gaylord Texan Train
Gaylord loves trains as much as I do!!
 As usual, I argued with my husband of not thinking over how to celebrate my birthday. Surprisingly, his smart brain gave him a hint to have lunch at Gaylord in Grapevine. That place is amazing!  Rain or shine or winter, you still can pretty much dress up in sleeveless dress and have an outdoor romantic lunch, right beside imaginary mini San Antonio river walk.

Riverwalk Cantina - "Dine out on our beautiful patio surrounded by koi-filled waterways, as you enjoy the strolling entertainment."

Romantic Lunch
That's the exact spot, I had romantic lunch with my hubby!

Souffle, a mexican dessert - crazy for sugar-cinnamon combo

Just 1/4 glass of margarita, makes my head spin. Of course, I like the feeling - blurry vision, distant sounds....weird feeling.

We strolled around Gaylord Texan for some time, enjoyed the beautiful colorful temperature controlled flowers.

We picked up kids and made them do homework, gave time for them to practice piano lessons, caught up with words with friends. Hubby told me to dress up to go for bowling but suddenly to my surprise my sister pops up with her whole family to celebrate my birthday. It was shocking as I'm seeing her after five years even though she lives 45 minutes away from my house. Oh please, don't ask me of why we don't meet often. Don't get me started on how cruel some Indian men can be with their false egos, jealousy and pettiness. I don't even to blog about it.

We all had a pretty good time - politeness all around. We headed to Jinbeh Japanese restaurant.

Jinbeh Japanese Restaurant
Look at the quantity of rice...pretty scary
Once they left, me and my hubby watched a movie together. As usual I fell for the title "Don't let me go". Albeit, a love story but totally weird tale about orphan school bringing up kids to make them future organ donors. Really, why writers get such weird thoughts......beyond my thinking though...
Awesome Day
Awesome Day! Wish I could have danced away the whole night to make it last longer..Hahaa..
By the way, I tweeted to Ajay Jadeja wishing him on his birthday right at the stroke of midnight Indian time but as usual Indian celebrites are not as good as the rest to tweet back. Well, that's a shame!

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