Thursday, December 15, 2011

Twitter Life

Discovering about TWITTER:

  • People just want to auditorily and visually perceive postitive stuff about them. Anything negative criticism, better you keep to yourselves.

  • You can easily use bad language and insult others but just throw those kind of tweets to general public....without referencing anybody's name - Remember rule no.1

  • Follow anybody and expect them to follow you back. Some do as a random goodness.

  • Tweet less with strangers and if you still want to reply to their tweets, remember rule no. room for criticism.

  • Ofcourse, you can reply/criticize celebrities as anyway they don't read all the comments.

  • Good place to get all kinds of news.

  • Remember only comedians can insult others or pass a negative comment and still can get away, but not you, COMMON FOLKS.

Well, now my problems are I don't like to follow anybody or everybody. I prefer celebrities whom I like and respect their work, newschannels which gives you lot of information and keeps you up to date with current affairs, computer related or something which ameliorates and gives me room to grow, positive quotes to become a better person, inspirational quotes to get inspires and finally ordinary people like straight stewards as I want to know about their life.

The problem with me is I just too straight forward talker or maybe haing loose tongue. I don't know how to put honey in every tweet/talk. Its not my cup of tea to think before you talk. Of course, I'm sensitive but the problem with me is I'll be reserved at the beginning but once I see a friendship developing, I just become "me" and communicate whatever I feel and that communication can go either way positve or negative. I just say what I see.

Based on my interests, I started following few commeners. Even though, they follow me based on no.3-random goodness, they don't ever bother to reply to my any tweets or views. I ask what's the use of following someone when you have to keep your opinions to yourselves. For me, its really blessing if no one follows me as I want to tweet whatever comes to my mind and not bother about someone criticizing about my tweet/thought. If someone follows, I really expect them to spill out their thoughts(good ones). Wow! look at my hypocracy, I want positive replies but I expect someone to take my negative dialogues. But negative replies are more of a tease...I've this bad habit of teasing or making fun just to lighten up the situation...I may think that I joked but as usual the receiver never gets my joke. Sometimes, I feel like shutting my mouth caz I always somehow come across as a jerk who killed the good mood by trying to be funny. I remember J's words: You are continuing with your outlandish comments as if you know me.

Damn! I did it again.

From over a month, I started following a steward on Twitter. Very nice guy, writes openly about everything in his blog about his life/thoughts/positve-negative stuff about his job. Once he tweeted about how his car is making him spend money and then I replied by making him follow an article about how a guy took take care of his car which finally made him to get special Honda parade on the mark of his car, crossing a million mark. After reading that article, he replied in a amicable way saying that no way his car going to make it. To and fro, his tweets and my replies happened, in between asusual, I came across as a person who makes the other person feel morose - eg: when he tweeted about his rough day caz of crashpad...I researched on crash pads and replied to him saying "just now read an article on crash pads. Never thought so much goes on behind the scenes. Hard life indeed.

Remember No.1 from my list, say positive, if you say anything negative, people don't feel comfortable. Of course, as expected, he did not reply and asusual, it started bothering me and I was like God, why I do awful things...why can't I say positive, why can't I make cheerful happy comments which makes everybody feel good about themselves.

Anyway, he wrote in his blog about even though from time to time Flight Attendants face difficulties but Flight Attendants life has some positive attributes like going to international games, visiting beautiful places, meeting new people... that too on layovers and at the same time getting perdiems.

Well I tweeted back by saying "I guess I tweeted too soon about FAs having "hard life" without thinking about the perks. You genuinely know how to enjoy life." And then he replied back by saying you've to remember once you deplane, all your problems are gone - new life, new place, new you.

Once when he tweeted about how he has to be in a U.K. during Thanksgiving time where no one cares about it. As usual, without thinking, I replied to his tweet by saying "Aww, you miss TG and Xmas too. On +ve side, you might get a chance to stand under mistletoe in a diff ctry w newFoundLove;)"

The problem with this tweet is it gives you a hope/unfulfilled desire which finally leads you to melancholy. But he DM-ed me by asking about what's my story with steward I'm searching. For which I replied: mailto:NoPokerFaceStew+Love@FirstSight+TriedForConv+SignalToCome&Speak+GirlDidnotRespond+NowDesperateToTraceHim=GreatestDramaEver

Recently, he shared his facebook page which showed his awesome picture collection from all over the world depicting his journey to different parts of the world. I replied to his tweet by saying, "Serious photography, awesome collection...using resources pretty well. Freaky profile pic, quite opp to desc."

As usual, I did not feel good after my replied. I was like why do you have to criticize, it is their profile, they can do whatever they want to...who are you to pass your judgement...when will you ever learn a lesson.

But luckily, he took in a positive way and even started following me. I was like: Please don't follow me and judge me based on my tweets/interactions. Things went pretty well by me giving suggestions about how the old profile picture stood out due to its sepia color...he acknowledged and said that he is being lazy and not using apps to downsize the file size to use an appropriate profile picture.

Yesterday, he tweeted saying that seriously, no one should tweet interesting topics as he has to accomplish something and for which, in funny way I replied by saying "Can't take seriously with that profile pic...uh-huh! can't"

Remember if anything negative, people DON'T RESPOND!! Seriously, his current profile picture is the silliest picture, almost like a clown and I, as usual, when I see progress in communication, I take a huge leap and talk whatever comes to my mind and people DON'T LIKE IT!!

I just hate when I repeat the same mistakes again and again. But this is who I am, I guess - IDIOT who never learns a lesson. I goof around and just say, whatever the hell I want to and then feel bad thinking about the way I came across. I've no right to say anything negative to anybody but I keep on forgetting and poke my nose in others business. I sometimes feel like hanging huge boards everywhere wherever I walk, reminding me of "BE POSITIVE", "SAY POSITIVE OR JUST SHUTUP" I've to drill these mantras. But then my brain is saying, can't I have fun, teasing others............No, YOU CAN'T!!! Do they know you or do you know them? Haven't you ever heard: "GIVE RESPECT TO GET RESPECT".

I just don't know where to draw a line of being funny and friendly. I better not tweet to commoners. Just comment anything(not vulgar or insulting) to celebrities, you won't have to feel bad if they don't reply caz they can't(Just too many followers) or you don't have to think whether you upset any poor soul.


Who knows, it might be all in my head. Sometimes I'm trepidacious to create bond with someone other than my family but sometimes I want to have real friends with whom I can discuss and say anything I want to. Developing a friendship with the twitter steward, petrified me - who knows where it leads to or what kind of hopes/desires he is withholding, all I want is friendship and someone to like me. When he converses with others on twitter, I feel comfortable thinking it is just not me but he is bonding with others too and that's good.

Anyway, that's what going on in my life. I'll be cautious in communicating with others. I'll not give a chance for him to block/unfollow me. That will really hurt. When you make a remark, you need to think of person's state of mind and their life for which you've to know more about the person. Whenever I think of my comment, the way it can be delivered puts a smile on my face but it can turn offensive too, if you don't know the person. This case I don't know much about him for even to comment such a way. He is alone/single/slightly-getting-bald/might-be-frustrated-with-his-life/no-family....and my comments will totally evoke the strom. Why the hell he needs to go through that too from some stranger? So, I should just shut up and just follow him to know stewards lifes.

I wanted to send an email to Lufthansa Flight Attendant(helper) about my latest revelation - the look alike. But, then I don't want to, what's the use....I, anyway, spoil every relationship with the way I deal with people. Always something WRONG!! FRUSTRATING!!

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