Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I can't believe my eyes, I finally found someone who looks totally like him. I was searching from longtime on TV or in any movie, to find some celebrity who resembles him so that I can always remember his face.The other day, I was browsing channels on TV and suddenly I felt like seeing Ice skating as during this time of the year, with Christmas lights, wintery weather, snowy white lands, scarves, boots; ice skating makes you feel like falling in love all over again and just glide on the ice along with the flowing music.

And suddenly.........drum-roll please!!!

Canadian Ice Skating Grand Prix 2011:

Younger version of him, I guess:

Javier Fernandez
The whole time, I was like maybe he is a German and then the way he did not have any accent and was speaking fluent English, I thought he might be an American but working for a German airline. I visualized meeting him somewhere in some cafe or in some restaurant in some American city but now....ugh!!

 Javier looks more like a kid, but my steward was mature, decent and displayed higher standards as he is a steward so naturally interpersonal skills were little towards higher side. Seeing Javier gives me a notion of as if he is acting like Javier, an ice skater, in some movie by changing his face slightly to make himself look like an immature young lad.

I really really feel like I know him. Some surreal feeling whenever I think about him. Divine or what, I don't know, but the Flight Attendant who wanted to help me is also a Spaniard. And recently, I even brought a book from library about Ralph Nadal, who is also SPANIARD. What's happening..........wandering all over and at the end when the dots get connected, I may reach him.

Nothing is impossible, right? I want him to find me and recognize me and keep the same delighted-to-see-your face then I can finally feel that I got what I wanted all through my life. From no where, suddenly Stevie Wonder's song "Isn't she lovely" song playing in my head. My brain knows what and when to play...........

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