Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Take on Steve Jobs

I'm currently in the midst of Steve Job's Biography. I totally love this book and kind of feeling emotional while going through his life journey. Wish I could make my son read this book but I cannot as the book reveals in certain sections the dark side of Steve Jobs. As an adult, I can understand that in this long stretched live and learn life, you sometimes go through dark period which you want to completely erase, but nonetheless, it will become part of your life's history and at the end, you can alter it by doing something amazing and make people see the goodness when they think about you.

The difference between rest of the world and Steve Jobs is about the passion which he carried all throughout his life. Everybody has some or the other kind of passion for something but we lose due to things not happening as we wished it to be and we give up but he like a crazy man believed that he can cause a dent in the universe. I strongly believe he too might have lost the drive in between due to love or family or disorientation but he created an army who believed in what he believed in and that's what fulfilled his desire of causing a dent in the universe.

One more thing wonders me is, even though, from the beginning, he created wonderful but controlled products by not letting owners/geeks to take unsolicited advantage of fabricating the Apple devices, he still made people to fall in love and buy his products. And not only that, but developers all over the world welcomed it by writing some unique and outstanding apps which changed our way of living. In this era, where you always can find something to suit your desires and not to make yourself stop to one company's product, still Apple succeeded by its unique, innovative simple-to-look-but-can-do-amazing-things kind of devices. I strongly feel that Android is for people who don't like to be controlled and who has some rebellious attitude in them and want to do things their own way by breaking or writing their own code whereas Apple is for masses who just love to use a pre-built product which makes them look cool and to use these immense apps collection which can make their life easy and breezy without putting much effort or thought.

I skipped few pages, to just to see how the author ended the book. As expected, it ended with Steve Jobs thoughts on death. One particular sentence made me emotional is when he said that life maybe like on and off switch and maybe that was reason why he did not ever used on-off switches on Apple's devices.

As far as I know, his life would've gone either way but luckily God has chosen him to be something extraordinary and made us believe that things can really happen when you're totally, totally crazy over something which you believe in. One additional thing, I learned is to switch off the negative/unwanted/dreamsqueezer stuff - Disorientation from reality. Well, it helped him to be productive even though caused mental anguish to others but finally whoever involved in making those devices are proud of being a part of it. Even though, he passed away, his imprints are everywhere.......... what else you want more than that from this long stretching life. At the end, he made his birth/life meaningful and that kind of life is worth to live. I'm still inquisitive to know the purpose of my life. I want to know why I'm still here.

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