Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Truly Unbelievable..

My kids composed music for PTA reflections contest theme "Diversity means".

The music with lyrics came out so well, even the critic/negative side of me couldn't find any fault. The songs had potential to go up to Nationals. Yeah, you read right, I said "had potential". That's what our belief was, a strong belief. My son usually talks negative but secretly wishes for the best but he too, was so in belief that there might be a chance of him, going to Nationals. He played his song to everyone on his birthday party as he was so proud of his work. And everybody cheered for him and said the song is so catchy and well composed.

Wish I could share here the song but due to me being anonymous, I cannot share. Yesterday, We were so shocked when they announced their names in "Award of Merit" category. This will be the first time, his song will not be at district/State level. Last year, his song even went up to State level and even they sent email saying not to lose heart, you are in our Elite list. First time, we went to the Ceremony without praying to God, even the thought of praying, did not come. Not arrogance, but, I guess the belief was so strong or just did not think, the ceremony was a big deal or whatever.

Their Ex piano teacher is also in shock of how can this be possible. She said too many people in history got knocked out or under appreciated but one final day, they proved to the world, that they are special. I just can't figure out what did the judge hear for him to take away the opportunity from others to hear the beautiful positive message the songs were delivering. I made my kids to practice everyday, requested and sometimes yelled to practice, so while recording time, there will be no lapses or pauses.

All I can think of is they used background music from synthesizer for their composition. Never there was any rule which said not to use other than not to use midi's. Even their piano teacher said there is nothing wrong in using rhythm.

I just feel so bad for them. The worst thing is they don't even know, where they went wrong. They just declare the results without passing any opinions. Good thing about being a child is you quickly erase negativity and move on and find something else to do. They themselves said that will come up with better tune for the next upcoming theme "The Magic of the Moment".

Difficult to swallow the reality but that's how life is. Sometimes you cannot believe on your own work, say out loudly to the world confidently, Hey, That is the best awesome work!

Is it possible to believe in yourselves when the world passes negative judgement? I'm thinking to call the art teacher and ask her what was wrong...did she hear the songs...who was the judge....but my husband says I may come across as a disgruntled mother. But whats wrong to finding out the truth then assuming and make an 'a**' of myself. Well, if you have read my previous post, you know, if I believe in something, I don't give up. So, as usual let us see.


Well, her response was she doesn't have music knowledge to pass judgment and did not show interest to listen to the music. She said she will try to find out from the judge if he/she remembers but cannot guarantee if she can come up with an answer.

The contest rules are placed in such a way that parents will never know why someone got rejected or who the judge was and why they chose someone over others. The kid have to just accept the end result.

I sent an email to PTA president along with the videos and he too was shocked and said such an outstanding work did not go to district level is unbelievable and even told me that I have every right to know what was the reason behind it.

I urged him to find the truth as there is more than that meets the eye and as a PTA president, he should know the truth. Well, let us see...

I feel guilty for forcing my kids to work hard and urged them to take this contest seriously. If authorities don't feel the responsibility or recognize the talent or doesn't care if they shun the talent and spirit of young kids then that's a shame.


  1. Maybe your son's outstanding piece of work is not destined to be limited to school competitions. Maybe it is meant to be seen by others outside the school as well. Please do look out for opportunities where he can showcase his talent. I'm sure that's how he will find success.
    A Mom, from Bangalore.

  2. Thank you for your comment. Sorry for the late response. If you read my current'll know WHY?