Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life Sucks!!

Life sucks! Now a days, too many times, this is what I'm thinking...why the hell I'm living? What's the purpose of living? Why everybody is living, going through terrible pains and still pulling themselves in a belief of something good happens along the way. Why do we have to wait? Why this endless unpredictable waiting, just for an elusive state of mind called happiness. Everybody says life is too short to live, enjoy every moment of it, but I don't feel that is too long for me.

Life Sucks

Presently, I'm following few flight attendants on Twitter. Their life really sucks. Of course, there are perks like traveling all around the world but they have to do alone and when they come back or on off duty, they have no one to share their stories with other than relying on online friends by blogging or tweeting. They are awake when rest of world around them are sleeping. The guy whom I follow, tweets all night long, cooks for himself when is on off of the days spends in hotels, eating outside, hitting bars...without social networking sites, his life totally sucks, without having a permanent home with family members who are looking forward to hear his adventures. Everything loses its charm after certain while...think about anything in life....the thrill goes off after a while.

Whom am I to talk anyway. Even though I have a family, I feel lonely. I, all the time check for interesting tweets or blog posts or search for something interesting to comment. Why people are not happy with what they have? Even though, today is Saturday and already noon, my husband is still sleeping and not willing to wake up as he is upset over last nights argument. Even if he was awake, he would have watched some sports or would have surfed internet. Life totally sucks!! I don't really feel comfortable to talk to strangers, maybe I'm afraid of bonding. I've response to every tweet the Flight Attendant whom I'm following on twitter, but I don't tweet back. I don't know why I'm scared to drift away and have a private online life, because I think, deep down in my heart, I feel pity for everybody...I feel life sucks for everybody...I feel no one is happy...everybody puts a facade of everything is just perfect. I'm becoming too negative.

Whenever I hear a beautiful melodious music, spark of hopefulness blooms but the same time, it dies off. Why do people get married? How did this marriage rule evolved in humans? We are one of a kind animal who can think and that's what made us unique and differentiated us from animals. Animals have physical relationship with whoever comes along in their pathway and I guess, they won't even remember if they break off, but we humans have feelings, emotions, consciousness which makes us to wrap ourselves with relationships. I bet some king imposed rule on everybody about getting married to one and only one person and live the rest of the life until death do apart. Sometimes I think we tie ourselves with all kinds of relationships and even though no room to breathe, we suffer through but still prolong with whatever we have in anticipation of something good will come. People who are unmarried and single too suffer, that is some other kind of miserable life, living everyday in anticipation of prince charm, family life, kids, beautiful house...blah blah.

The whole world is miserable. No one is happy. If they are happy right now, good luck as that won't last longer, misery comes back running. And then story begins....LIFE SUCKS!!!

I just don't see anything in near future for me live life day by day.....its awfully long. That's why everybody should've some destination to reach, something to look forward to, something which will definitely lead to guaranteed everlasting happiness if you just keep on rowing your life boat to reach that wonderland. God, please guide me to something which makes me live life in anticipation of reaching that something which I love to death.

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