Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's not YOU, it's ME!

In my previous post, I mentioned about aborting my search for him, but as usual after few days, I really wanted to know from Angel Flight Attendant of what really happened. So, I sent her email....

I waited for so long to get a reply from you. I answered sincerely to all of your questions and doubts. Could you please just let me know about your search for him? I respect your decision if you thought of not helping me out but at least just tell me your thought process.

I truthfully accept whatever decision you have made and will not bother you in future. I understand the intricacies of answering/ helping an unknown stranger but a truthful reply is always respected irrespective of the decision.


Thank you


To my surprise, she sent me an email that too referring me with "Dear"....


I am in [African Country] at this moment and receiving your mail makes me feel very guilty!!!
I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but my life has been extremely busy, that I completely forgot about you and your 'case'.

I promise, that I will start immediately in searching for the missing person and I hope, that I can contribute to a 'happy end' would be wonderful!

Just, please give me a bit more time....I will try my best.

Of course I do appreciate, that you answered me all my questions sincerely and openly and I have no doubt about your good intentions.

So just relax, all will be fine....:)

Wishing you a wonderful day and thanks for reminding me about you and the search ;)

Kind regards


I was like wow! Again my hopes, smiles were back. I was like God, is there really a chance to get in touch with him.....will I really be able to track him........ Wow! it looks like we're really meant-to-be.

But then, she sent one more email but this time answering my previous email questions and at the same time asking me to provide answers about my personal details.......


...sorry for that delay as well, but just follow me down now I inserted the answers to your questions within the text below in red !

[Insert My Name], there is one more question though.....or maybe five:

1. [Insert My Name] is your real first name? What is your last name?
2. Are you male or female?
3. You are searching for a male colleague, who worked on
June 7th 2011 from IAH to FRA?
4. Your seat was 40 A-K ?
5. He looks about like the first sketch you had sent me?

Please provide me also with your phone number, so I can call you and talk to you personally...hope you don't mind.

I am taking this matter very serious....and I want to help in finding the person....I love the story :)

Ok, now scroll down to read my answers please:

1. Is it really possible for you to reach him coupled with the information I gave and the long career track under your belt at Lufthansa?.......ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...RIGHT? I MEAN; IF IT IS MEANT TO BE; I WILL CERTAINLY FIND HIM SOMEHOW....JUST WAIT AND SEE ;)
2. I was under the assumption that you'll be traveling to and fro same routes week after week but that's not the case, right? RIGHT; NOT AT ALL....ALWAYS DIFFERENT FLIGHTS AT DIFFERENT DAYS...SOME PEOPLE ONLY HAVE TWO FLIGHTS A MONTH; LIKE ME:.....OTHERS HAVE FOUR FLIGHTS A MONTH.....
4. In your long career as an FA, has anytime any made an impact on you to remember him/her for longtime YES! MY BOYFRIEND..WHOM I MET ON A FLIGHT FROM FRANKFURT TO BUENOS AIRES....THREE YEARS AGO....;) .. or you meet too many new people too often that you can't remember anyone? OF COURSE WE MEET MANY PEOPLE....BUT SOME STICK OUT....AND THEY ARE THE ONES ONE REMEMBERS....RIGHT? LIKE IN REAL LIFE......
5. If FA is ever interested in any passenger and don't have the contact number to follow through, is it possible for them to find the passenger's info in anyway? UFF.....NO IDEA....NEVER TRIED....I WOULD THINK IT IS HARD.....
6. If FA is at the tail section of the plane, does that mean he/she is a newbie? NO ALWAYS.....SOME OLDER ONES LIKE TO WORK IN THE BACK AS WELL....AND SOME NEW ONES WORK IN THE FRONT.....
7. In 747's, do FA's have any privacy in pantry sections or any other FA sits there? ANY FA SITS THERE.
8. On long haul flights, do you have any area where you can lie flat and sleep or you've to sit and sleep in your seats just like passengers? WE HAVE AN AREA; WHERE WE CAN HAVE SOME SLEEP.
9. Does Lufthansa has any company social event like Christmas party where all FA's can meet each other?
10. Too many new people to meet, but too less time to make a special connection, is it true?
NOT AT ALL.....!!!!

Too many questions I guess.....NO WORRIES....IT IS MY PLEASURE.... Looking forward for your insight. HERE IT IS ;)


This is what my response was......


I can't say in words, but I am so HAPPY, surprised and thrilled to see your email. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much [Her name]!! Looks like my case is not a weird case after all, otherwise you wouldn't have forgotten about me ;)

Yes, [My first name] is my real first name. Is it really necessary for you to know my last name?
Of course, I am FEMALE!
Of course, I am searching for a male FA :)
My seat number was [My Seat No.]
Yes, I did not want to forget his face. So, that's the sketch I came up with. Of course, he doesn't look exactly like the sketch but maybe closer. Is it not silly of me to think of him, remembering me after almost five months when left and right, he all the time meets new people from all over the world? As an experienced FA and being in this field for so long, what should I do? Should I abort my search? I don't want to look like a fool but I do believe totally that he will be happy to get in touch with me but then who knows.....One thing, I have to say, everything looks serendipitous til now as finding a person like you who wants to willingly help.

Wish he kept his profile available like yours. I would have sent a message saying, hey, do you remember a person whom you met on Jun 7th on LH441? I would have known his intentions from his response/non-response. If possible and if you find time, check out this video: The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

Thank you so much for taking time and answering all my questions. Congrats for finding your boyfriend. Hope he is special and makes you feel that you're special. Do you mind if I ask you about how your boyfriend came forward in letting you know his interest on you? I used to think FA's job as glamorous and FUN FUN FUN !. Apparently, it is not! The other day I read a tweet of how a FA was complaining about how she had to go for work instead of cozily sleeping beside the warmth fireplace. Felt real pity for her. I guess two flights per month as in your case might not be a bad deal.

So, in case again if you take time to reply my email, should I remind you by sending an email or will I be bothering you?

I prefer emails rather than phone calls as in this way, I'll have time and privacy to communicate and be much more clear in communication. Hope you'll understand!

Anyway, please please always let me know your thought process. If you're busy and can't reply, just say in short that you're busy or later I'll reply or whatever, just be in touch.

Once again, thank you so much and have fun in [African Country] and safe trip to hometown.


Two days over, no reply. All these waiting making me wonder, is it really worth, especially her time and effort? She sounds like a very warm-hearted helpful person but sometimes I wonder how can she forget, when she thinks my case is a weird case. Been more than fifteen days, she did not even start searching for him or passed a message to someone to find him. All she did was to find more about me on the internet. The Google search which happened on my name in Germany, was by her and this is my assumption based on her email. I don't understand why she needs my detailed information when it has nothing to do to find him and pass my message. I thought of what bad will happen, if I trust her and give my full name and phone number. But if my full name is searched on Google, she will know my address, home phone number, age, my comments on Facebook. Basically, it reveals every tiny detail about me. Is she busy again or forgot about me or got offended because I did not provide phone number for her to personally speak? Who knows? Wish people could just tell directly about their thought process instead of torturing silently.

Time and time again, I am putting this question to myself, if someone wants to get in touch with a missed connection, wouldn't they make themselves accessible on the internet. Just like the song The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved, wouldn't he made himself available in Google search through some social networking site in anticipation of my search for him. Of course, I understand that I did not give any sign or desperation to talk with him but what about his feelings.... his desire to talk....

I have some drawbacks in me like me-being-not-available-for-relationship, age and career. Who wants anyone with these drawbacks? Even if we get in touch, what's the possibility of long lasting friendship? All the time his sweet face comes in front of my eyes, but what can I do? I'm helpless. If I did not have any drawbacks, I would have done something or the other to find him, even the other day, I got a silly idea of posting a YouTube in search of him. Finally one day, Lufthansa would lose its temper with my relentless tries that they eventually would have let him know about me, the crazy person. But I cannot do silly things as my hands are tied. I highly doubt that he remembers me, not few days but if Nov 7th comes, it will be five months, who will remember that too a person like me and I know that I can be easily replaceable and that itself derails the search engine. But I really wonder, why he showed interest in me, what was special about me on that day for him to lay eyes on me. Being a Flight Attendant, he meets too many attractive people that too from all around the world, so why me? Why was he interested to have a talk? Why? Whatever reason that itself makes me to miss him.

He made me feel special.
He made me feel I'm wanted.
He made me feel I'm visible.
He made me feel I'm worthy enough to be pursued.

Wish he believed in me and made himself available on the internet. Let us see, if we're meant-to-be then surely we will meet one day, til then so long, my pal. I wish you the best!! I'll not email or pursue or bug the "angel flight attendant" anymore. She is a busy bee and I don't want to trouble her for something which I myself 100% not sure. But she promised in her email that she will find him somehow. I'm very skeptic about her intentions though. Does she want to use me to promote her business by being friendly? Why does she need my phone number when I already gave all the information related to that flight? If a person is so guilty of not replying, why will she do the same mistake over and over again. I've read few articles about the company she works and I'm feeling that she has no motive to help but to just use me to get into her business. This is the world we are in. You just can't trust anyone. Let us see, if she ever replies me back without me providing my last name and phone number.

I wish somehow you find me. Wish you won't give up on me. I was really stupid for not taking a chance when you gave me a hint to come and talk. Please don't forget me. Wish there is some kind of telepathy between us which is letting you know that I'm searching for you. The understanding between us when we met was a kind of telepathy. No one said to each other about likeness towards each other but somehow we knew. Come on! just make yourself available. We need to help each other. I can't believe that I can't find you on the internet. Wish I peeked at your name on that day. Please search for me. Nothing can beat the thrill and happiness when you get the knowledge of someone for whom you were searching in reality has searched for you the whole wide world to get in touch with you. I'll be waiting for that day!

Just now, heard it on Glee. Perfect song for you, my pal! Foreigner - I've been waiting for a girl like you

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