Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Figured Out Who He Is

I figured out who the Flight Attendant is. Woohoo! Yay! Yes, you read it right! At least, that was the case in my dreams. Today, I woke up knowing who he is.

Enter the world of dreams where the unconscious brain rules the world and takes you on a journey to resolve your quest for answers which the real world can't or won't provide.................

I was watching a personal recorded video with my kids and suddenly, the TV screen showing the time I spent with my family touring a rich, high class people's house with a game room, personal gym room and then in my dream, I realized, OMG! all these time, I thought of not having his picture to remember him forever but in fact, I've a video of the time I spent with him.

In my dream, I was mesmerized by the luxiriness of this huge house and was awing along with kids while going through each and every room. The person who was showing the house was a friend of the Flight Attendant. Even in my dream, my eyes and thoughts were on the Flight Attendant. He was in the kitchen discussing and helping out the chef while I was with his friend wandering every room. And then, we were on their personal boat, cruising with their girl pals. He was with the captain of the boat but his friend was with two girls and my family was in the third row. Athe time, my eyes were watching him and his mannerisms but he never ever looked or made an eye contact with me. I was like non-existent. In my dream, I even thought of converting to Christianity if Jesus helps me to make him fall in love with me.

His name was Mark Junior, student at A.W. Medical College. At this moment, I am really not sure about the name or the college but in the morning, everything was crystal clear. But I remember, him being, royal in every move and gestures towards others and was noble in his thoughts. He wanted to be a doctor and help poor people.

I remember that day on Flight LH 441, while the other Flight Attendant was discussing with the front seat passengers, he stood next to her and the whole time without blinking my eyes, I watched him and his expressions. I heard him speaking German that too fluently and laughing about something. And while he was about to pass my seat, I lifted my head to see him one more time, I noticed him watching me that's when I know, he was conscious about me and I was in his thoughts the whole time. He just did not want me to know that he had a thing for me. Because of getting that moment to watch him, actually made me to sketch him or to remember his every feature of his face so clearly even after near to be five month ago union. I miss him but the truth and reality is people never turn up the way we expect about each other. So, in the end, all these waiting will be wasteful if he won't turn out to be the way I thought about him having feelings for me.

After many mornings, this was the first morning, I woke up satisfied instead of being disappointed with the way life is.

While I'm in my own thoughts about love, feelings, magical daughter came up with this drawing. Ahh...the innocence of childhoodness!

Wish I give importance to many unique things the world, the surroundings offer us. There is much more in this world than cupid love, opposite genders attention, missed connections, endless waitings, broken hearts..... the first meeting, the awkward silence, involuntarily eyes talking..unknowingly expressing love at first sight, rapid heart beats.....

skyScraperOh hell! whatever, this is how my heart feels......

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