Monday, November 7, 2011

Eek! A Scarlet Johansson Moment!

Recently, I searched to see what's J's gal-friend is up to. To my dismay, after my search, she updated her picture to two years ago picture which she took with J, just to tease me. But the picture she displayed in Facebook was cropped to show only her, indirectly let me know, they are not an ITEM anymore or never been before.

But my question is how did he come to know that I searched. This is where, things get interesting. I thought, he might have placed an ad on google search which instantly tells the owner whenever the link appears for someone to click. So, while researching on that subject, I posted my question on a website:

I know a guy who knows whenever I search for him on Google. No, its not Ziggs. Without clickin on any site, by just searching on his name, he gets the information. Do you know how it is possible? Any insight of yours will be greatly appreciated.


Luckily, this time, the webmaster bothered to answer by saying:


Sounds like he has a keylogger installed on your computer or he has cloned your cell phone.
Those would be the first two things I would check.


I was like what? A Keylogger? Never heard that before...So, I requested the guy to provide some more information.


Thank you for your insight. I am wondering how could he have possibly installed keylogger when he never had access to my computer or itouch. Do you think I installed KeyLogger by accessing any of his page. How to know if it is there on my computer/ITouch? How to get rid of it? Even though, he is not my friend on facebook, he knows pretty much when I searched for him. And I used to think that Facebook IPhone was leaking out some kind of info or maybe he was knowing it somehow when I was logging into Facebook. Seeing his reaction, I used to type few characters of his name and the app used to display, his profile but he still used to figure it out that I searched for him. I know this because he used to change his profile picture to inform me. Maybe its not believable for you as it is not for me but whenever I used to search for him on Google, he used to make his LinkedIn/Facebook/pipl/whitepages sites visible/invisible in Google search and of course to let me know that he knows, what I'm up to. After a lot of research, I thought he might have added some invisible image tracking bug to be displayed whenever someone searches on his name. And then I thought, he might have added an ad and whenever it the ad gets displayed, it may send information of who and from where the search came from but I know that until you click an object, the details won't get passed. You may not believe but his reaction to my search used to be pretty fast. The same trick he used to do it in MySpace.

Thank you for your time. If possible and if time permits, please respond.




Hi -

Many types of malware can be installed by visiting hostile websites.

1. I suggest you scan your computer, laptop, etc for malware. Download the Microsoft “Malicious Software Removal Tool” – it will find and remove a lot of malware.

2. Get a good antivirus suite of software, such as Viper, from (That’s what I use and recommend.) Use it to check your computer for malware every day, and to prevent you from unknowingly installing malware by visiting websites. It will warn you if you are going to a site that has malware on it. (It’s not perfect, but it’s very good.)

3. Take your Apple products to the Apple store and ask them to check for keyloggers and other malware in your telephone and iTouch. Tell them what is going on.

Good luck


After reading lot of articles on internet, I feel like its really possible that he is using a keylogger on my iTouch. I'm so upset on myself than on him, because I'm the one, who put I myself in this situation by following him on the internet. My situation is almost like Scarlet Johansson episode as I too have some very personal stuff on my iTouch and he has access to every tiny detail of my life. If the theory holds true, then he even knows about this blog. My thoughts which are totally should have been to myself is all out in public. From two years, he is tracking not only me but rest of my famil members computer activities. I am so disappointed and sick to my stomach.

A keylogger is software that records everything you type. It can be used to steal passwords, credit card numbers, PIN numbers, bank accounts and personal information.

You may have to use the keylogger to get into the email account of someone you know the recipient trusts. Label the attachment as a file that the receiver would be interested in such as "Photos" so that you are sure they will download it. Once it is downloaded, the program will automatically install itself and send you an email confirming its installation. This all takes place in the background invisibly.

I guess, he made me a victim by making me open some photo of his or his girlfriends. I remember clicking to see his girlfriends party invitation in Facebook and then on, whenever I used to type his name on Facebook IPhone App, he used to be ready with a message about his plans for the day. He mesmerized me from time to time by doing such things and I used to get over blown by the technology he was using but all these time, I thought the application was running towards his end and I'm in no way jeopardizing myself by searching for him on the interent. At one point, I searched using his girlfriend's facebook id, thinking that he might have not written a program to track even if I search on her id. But he even acted on it and removed her facebook profile pictures from Google images. I had doubts on him but then I thought, google might have removed old images. God, now, I know, how he was so quick to act on my search. I really don't understand, either he is interested in me, if so, come on bravely and talk with me or else, if not interested, just don't bother about me or my computer usage.

While keyloggers are technically not illegal, you do need to be careful as they are ethically questionable. If you use one, you are invading someone else's privacy. Ask yourself if it's justifiable and whether you would want somebody using a keylogger against you.

Now, I don't know, how to remove from iTouch but before that I want a confirmation about its existance. Maybe, he just recorded search queries as my email accounts doesn't show any unknown activity. If so, I did not experience Scarlet Johannson moment.

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