Saturday, November 19, 2011

Life Sucks!!

Life sucks! Now a days, too many times, this is what I'm thinking...why the hell I'm living? What's the purpose of living? Why everybody is living, going through terrible pains and still pulling themselves in a belief of something good happens along the way. Why do we have to wait? Why this endless unpredictable waiting, just for an elusive state of mind called happiness. Everybody says life is too short to live, enjoy every moment of it, but I don't feel that is too long for me.

Life Sucks

Presently, I'm following few flight attendants on Twitter. Their life really sucks. Of course, there are perks like traveling all around the world but they have to do alone and when they come back or on off duty, they have no one to share their stories with other than relying on online friends by blogging or tweeting. They are awake when rest of world around them are sleeping. The guy whom I follow, tweets all night long, cooks for himself when is on off of the days spends in hotels, eating outside, hitting bars...without social networking sites, his life totally sucks, without having a permanent home with family members who are looking forward to hear his adventures. Everything loses its charm after certain while...think about anything in life....the thrill goes off after a while.

Whom am I to talk anyway. Even though I have a family, I feel lonely. I, all the time check for interesting tweets or blog posts or search for something interesting to comment. Why people are not happy with what they have? Even though, today is Saturday and already noon, my husband is still sleeping and not willing to wake up as he is upset over last nights argument. Even if he was awake, he would have watched some sports or would have surfed internet. Life totally sucks!! I don't really feel comfortable to talk to strangers, maybe I'm afraid of bonding. I've response to every tweet the Flight Attendant whom I'm following on twitter, but I don't tweet back. I don't know why I'm scared to drift away and have a private online life, because I think, deep down in my heart, I feel pity for everybody...I feel life sucks for everybody...I feel no one is happy...everybody puts a facade of everything is just perfect. I'm becoming too negative.

Whenever I hear a beautiful melodious music, spark of hopefulness blooms but the same time, it dies off. Why do people get married? How did this marriage rule evolved in humans? We are one of a kind animal who can think and that's what made us unique and differentiated us from animals. Animals have physical relationship with whoever comes along in their pathway and I guess, they won't even remember if they break off, but we humans have feelings, emotions, consciousness which makes us to wrap ourselves with relationships. I bet some king imposed rule on everybody about getting married to one and only one person and live the rest of the life until death do apart. Sometimes I think we tie ourselves with all kinds of relationships and even though no room to breathe, we suffer through but still prolong with whatever we have in anticipation of something good will come. People who are unmarried and single too suffer, that is some other kind of miserable life, living everyday in anticipation of prince charm, family life, kids, beautiful house...blah blah.

The whole world is miserable. No one is happy. If they are happy right now, good luck as that won't last longer, misery comes back running. And then story begins....LIFE SUCKS!!!

I just don't see anything in near future for me live life day by day.....its awfully long. That's why everybody should've some destination to reach, something to look forward to, something which will definitely lead to guaranteed everlasting happiness if you just keep on rowing your life boat to reach that wonderland. God, please guide me to something which makes me live life in anticipation of reaching that something which I love to death.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Totally Absurd!!

At this moment, I'm melancholy about the things which happened on Friday. I know the reason why kids music did not go to higher level. Its because of me. The email which I sent to my sons teacher regarding science fair, have been purposely magnified to portray that I'm some kind of obsessed/crazy person who wanted to be competitive in every fun event the school is involved in.

It all started when I told my daughter to pick up an old math test paper from a boy who was in higher grade. My son who got qualified for Math competition on his own merits was in math practice class. My daughter took permission to get those papers and when she returned, the teacher asked what are those papers and she honestly told what it was.

After I picked up kids and when I reached home, my phone rang and it was none other than the principal of the school. She started talking about the old math paper and about how the system got breached by me having access to that paper and how seriously she is thinking of not allowing my son to compete in the competition. I had to explain her about what I heard from the other parent about how some kids who are having older siblings, have access to old test papers and how serious they were about the competition and how she had so many questions about the competition. Then I told them that I did not have any knowledge as there was nil information about the whole competition. I did not bother to dwell on it as I was busy with other things in my life and I was confident about my sons ability. But three days before the competition, I wanted to give assurance to myself that my son knows each and every topic, covered in the competition. So, I called the other parent for the old test paper so that I can have understanding about what kind of questions, how tough it is and whether my son lacks in any area. I asked the principal, how is it wrong to see some old mock test papers when that is not the real test paper for Saturday's competition. How is it not wrong if a kid who got siblings can see and still be able to participate in the competition? She blamed me that I'm playing with the system and spoiling the fun for kids by training my son and giving him undue advantage over others and in this way, taking away the spirit of the competition. She said, she will discuss with higher authorities and will let me know whether he will be ejected out. I told her that my son is not involved in this in anyway. Later, she asked about the email which I sent to my son's teacher regarding how to use science fair work which is done by kids as a learning opportunity rather than just make them go through the process and not even spend, enough time to discuss in the class. In that email, I shared my disappointment of how they did not use the opportunity and requested her, this time to discuss about every project - the difficulties, the learning experience and the unanswered questions. I asked her if she cannot find time due to too many things to work on, she can just allocate some time for kids to discuss with their classmates about their experience and in that way, many beautiful thoughts which are holding up in their tiny brains will surface out and will lead to curiosity and inclination to learn more.

A personal request to you about science fair project. At the end of the science fair
project, I would like to request you to spend some time discussing each and every child's
project, in that way they can learn and appreciate others work and at the same time learn
valuable science lessons. Last year, I was so disappointed that no one gave an opportunity
for kids to go through others work and discuss about every project - the results,
the reasons, the doubts and the issues which they faced.

I understand about you having a lot of work, too less time to achieve too many things
but just give kids an opportunity to discuss. You never know what brilliant ideas each
kid is holding up in their tiny brains.

The principal started saying over the phone that how I insulted the other teacher by talking about her teaching methodology. She said that her school/system doesn't work in the way. So, I kindly asked them to excuse me as I did not mean to insult or put her down.

Anyway, after the phone call, I sent email to teachers to apologize and requested them not to take it personally and informed them about my availability if they want to talk about this matter further. Again my phone rang, this time the principal informed me about the meeting with Math competition directors, which I had to attend to sort out whether my kid will participate in the upcoming Math competition or not.

I had lengthy discussion about how foolish the whole thing looks. Borrowing an old test paper is objectionable, I never heard that before. Do you know, even NFL uses old tapes to make their guys aware of their opponents and let them know what they are up against? From time to time, students always relied on old material to learn and correct their short comings. The whole thing started looking fishy to me. I was okay if they did not allow him as this was not the first time, injustice has done to him. There are the ones who allowed him to attend higher grade math class from kindergarten to first grade but beginning of second grade, they decided not do that anymore so even though he always got 100's in his math, he repeated the 2nd grade math. She did not have decency to talk with parents and say sorry for not able to provide that kind of feature anymore. I did not make any issue. I just let it go.

Anyway, the meeting happened with four teachers and the principal and no director(I guess, it was a lie) but the whole thing was so weird. From the beginning, they started attacking me, even though I went along with my husband. One teacher was nice by showing me how to keep my son busy by teaching him higher grade math and science activities rather than waste his time by making him prepare for some just-for-fun related Math Competition. One teacher indirectly warned me that next year, they may not give my son a chance to participate in the competition as they want to give the opportunity to someone else. But do you know, you need to solve the questions within the time frame and he earned it by scoring highest and by being accurate. And I know it doesn't work like the way she was saying about giving opportunity to others but works based on how good you do to qualify to be in the team. My husband told them about how in India, parents try to resolve among themselves instead of going to principal for every minor to major issue. Then she told him that for any issue, we have to approach the teacher and if the issue is not resolved then contact the principal. My husband told about only for curiosity sake she(me) tried to get access to the paper not to train him in anyway and if at all, we had that intention we would have done long time ago. He said that his son is involved in piano and sports not just academics. The principal takes control by raising her voice asking what kind of sport, where....showing totally disrespect and displaying her doubts on what we are saying. When I tried to tell about what I heard from the other parent, she again barges in and interrupts my sentence by saying sarcastically...oh yeah, yeah...I heard a different story.....I was like what I'm saying you is a story, so, I ask her what do you mean by different story and she says....we came here to talk about the competition so let us talk about it. Really, how dare she is to portray me as a liar and walk over the surface and make a statement and not clear up in front of other teachers. Most humiliating moment of my life....but read further to know how she insulted me...

She gets the topic about my email. The teacher to whom I sent the email takes over and says that she did not like the way I was mentioned about other teachers work, so she approached the other teacher...and that teacher felt like she got insulted and felt uncomfortable and that made this teacher uncomfortable and that made her not to reply to my email.

Later the principal acts with me like as if I'm kid or like as if I'm a moron/illiterate/brute asks me to say it back of what I should do if I have any concerns or issues with any teacher. Of course, without being arrogant I said that I've to contact the teacher first and then if it is not resolved I need to approach her.

She did not stop her humiliation right then and there....but you know something so insulting which causes unbearable cheat pain whenever I think of. She said everybody is uncomfortable with me, right in front of other teachers whom I met for the first time. When I asked her who is uncomfortable.... she said, all of us are uncomfortable with you......She did not stop there. Threatened me not to talk with anybody or circulate emails about this issue and believe it or not, even said, not to blog about it.

I was so upset that my husband did not help me out. Did not feel a pinch when someone is humiliating right in front of him. I was like one against all. No one to ask her to apologize or to tell to take her words back. She is really a bully. I never thought that I'll be the victim of bullying. She really had pleasure by treating me like I'm piece of crap. What do they know about me to say "Uncomfortable"? Just my one email, can they perceive someone as uncomfortable. It has been three years and I never faced any complaint from any teacher, my record was clean so how can she be so rude...Why is she treating me like I'm a bad person. Just totally hard to one to provide answers.

I wanted to send email to her and rest of the teachers that how can she insult me like that. If I did wrong, why not give warning or something, instead of acting out like I did something awful.
Why to humiliate me in front of others? Why couldn't she tell me in a nice way about how school works and what she expects from parents? I wanted to inform about when I used the word "disappointment", it was nothing related to the ex-teacher as I was under assumption that the curriculum was laid out in such a way that it doesn't make it necessary for teachers to go in depth about each and every project but just kids have to merely participate in the whole process. That was the reason, I was requesting or merely suggesting to please time to go through each and every project.

But my husband somehow convinced me not to send email but just allow the time to heal. She will somehow repent one day for bullying and misusing her authority. This experience makes me clap for people who raise their voice and go up against all odds and fight for the right cause. Really speaks volume about their courage. This experience made me realize that I can easily be bullied and I've no courage to fight back.....totally coward person. I allowed myself to humiliate and did not raise my voice to make her stop.

Well, anyway after two days, I went to my American mom that's how she likes to call herself. I showed her whether the lyrics of my son's song was objectionable or my email. She said that my email was overbearing. Using words like "each and every child", "doubt" and "disappointment" were wrong. "Each and Ever child" usually used by Pope or someone who is in higher authority, Doubt should be replaced by 'questions' and instead of disappointment, use concern....

Anyway, something unknowingly I did wrong and for that to humiliate me in such a way is kind of shocking. It hurts if someone dislikes you. Wish they could have given me time to explain myself out rather than treat me like a crap.

I learned one thing, when someone says you are welcome to suggest. Its totally BS. I sent email to her as she came across as a friendly person. Believe it or not, I sent the same email to my daughter's teacher, her response was

I plan on having the kids present their projects the last week of school before the winter break. There's a lot of hard work that goes into these and the scientific method needs to be reinforced at every level. You are so right to give credit where credit is due. There will be many grades from the project as we progress through the whole thing. There will be a couple of days to do research at school next week, too. The students will need several references to get enough information to make an educated hypothesis. We will do our best to learn the optimum amount from this experience.


Well, readers you be the judge! The above message is the giving me some peace and understanding about the whole situation. They say, everything happens for good. In this case, it is true or else if she did not get a chance to take some kind of revenge, the teacher would have
shown it on my son, someway or the other. So, thank you GOD!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Truly Unbelievable..

My kids composed music for PTA reflections contest theme "Diversity means".

The music with lyrics came out so well, even the critic/negative side of me couldn't find any fault. The songs had potential to go up to Nationals. Yeah, you read right, I said "had potential". That's what our belief was, a strong belief. My son usually talks negative but secretly wishes for the best but he too, was so in belief that there might be a chance of him, going to Nationals. He played his song to everyone on his birthday party as he was so proud of his work. And everybody cheered for him and said the song is so catchy and well composed.

Wish I could share here the song but due to me being anonymous, I cannot share. Yesterday, We were so shocked when they announced their names in "Award of Merit" category. This will be the first time, his song will not be at district/State level. Last year, his song even went up to State level and even they sent email saying not to lose heart, you are in our Elite list. First time, we went to the Ceremony without praying to God, even the thought of praying, did not come. Not arrogance, but, I guess the belief was so strong or just did not think, the ceremony was a big deal or whatever.

Their Ex piano teacher is also in shock of how can this be possible. She said too many people in history got knocked out or under appreciated but one final day, they proved to the world, that they are special. I just can't figure out what did the judge hear for him to take away the opportunity from others to hear the beautiful positive message the songs were delivering. I made my kids to practice everyday, requested and sometimes yelled to practice, so while recording time, there will be no lapses or pauses.

All I can think of is they used background music from synthesizer for their composition. Never there was any rule which said not to use other than not to use midi's. Even their piano teacher said there is nothing wrong in using rhythm.

I just feel so bad for them. The worst thing is they don't even know, where they went wrong. They just declare the results without passing any opinions. Good thing about being a child is you quickly erase negativity and move on and find something else to do. They themselves said that will come up with better tune for the next upcoming theme "The Magic of the Moment".

Difficult to swallow the reality but that's how life is. Sometimes you cannot believe on your own work, say out loudly to the world confidently, Hey, That is the best awesome work!

Is it possible to believe in yourselves when the world passes negative judgement? I'm thinking to call the art teacher and ask her what was wrong...did she hear the songs...who was the judge....but my husband says I may come across as a disgruntled mother. But whats wrong to finding out the truth then assuming and make an 'a**' of myself. Well, if you have read my previous post, you know, if I believe in something, I don't give up. So, as usual let us see.


Well, her response was she doesn't have music knowledge to pass judgment and did not show interest to listen to the music. She said she will try to find out from the judge if he/she remembers but cannot guarantee if she can come up with an answer.

The contest rules are placed in such a way that parents will never know why someone got rejected or who the judge was and why they chose someone over others. The kid have to just accept the end result.

I sent an email to PTA president along with the videos and he too was shocked and said such an outstanding work did not go to district level is unbelievable and even told me that I have every right to know what was the reason behind it.

I urged him to find the truth as there is more than that meets the eye and as a PTA president, he should know the truth. Well, let us see...

I feel guilty for forcing my kids to work hard and urged them to take this contest seriously. If authorities don't feel the responsibility or recognize the talent or doesn't care if they shun the talent and spirit of young kids then that's a shame.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Eek! A Scarlet Johansson Moment!

Recently, I searched to see what's J's gal-friend is up to. To my dismay, after my search, she updated her picture to two years ago picture which she took with J, just to tease me. But the picture she displayed in Facebook was cropped to show only her, indirectly let me know, they are not an ITEM anymore or never been before.

But my question is how did he come to know that I searched. This is where, things get interesting. I thought, he might have placed an ad on google search which instantly tells the owner whenever the link appears for someone to click. So, while researching on that subject, I posted my question on a website:

I know a guy who knows whenever I search for him on Google. No, its not Ziggs. Without clickin on any site, by just searching on his name, he gets the information. Do you know how it is possible? Any insight of yours will be greatly appreciated.


Luckily, this time, the webmaster bothered to answer by saying:


Sounds like he has a keylogger installed on your computer or he has cloned your cell phone.
Those would be the first two things I would check.


I was like what? A Keylogger? Never heard that before...So, I requested the guy to provide some more information.


Thank you for your insight. I am wondering how could he have possibly installed keylogger when he never had access to my computer or itouch. Do you think I installed KeyLogger by accessing any of his page. How to know if it is there on my computer/ITouch? How to get rid of it? Even though, he is not my friend on facebook, he knows pretty much when I searched for him. And I used to think that Facebook IPhone was leaking out some kind of info or maybe he was knowing it somehow when I was logging into Facebook. Seeing his reaction, I used to type few characters of his name and the app used to display, his profile but he still used to figure it out that I searched for him. I know this because he used to change his profile picture to inform me. Maybe its not believable for you as it is not for me but whenever I used to search for him on Google, he used to make his LinkedIn/Facebook/pipl/whitepages sites visible/invisible in Google search and of course to let me know that he knows, what I'm up to. After a lot of research, I thought he might have added some invisible image tracking bug to be displayed whenever someone searches on his name. And then I thought, he might have added an ad and whenever it the ad gets displayed, it may send information of who and from where the search came from but I know that until you click an object, the details won't get passed. You may not believe but his reaction to my search used to be pretty fast. The same trick he used to do it in MySpace.

Thank you for your time. If possible and if time permits, please respond.




Hi -

Many types of malware can be installed by visiting hostile websites.

1. I suggest you scan your computer, laptop, etc for malware. Download the Microsoft “Malicious Software Removal Tool” – it will find and remove a lot of malware.

2. Get a good antivirus suite of software, such as Viper, from (That’s what I use and recommend.) Use it to check your computer for malware every day, and to prevent you from unknowingly installing malware by visiting websites. It will warn you if you are going to a site that has malware on it. (It’s not perfect, but it’s very good.)

3. Take your Apple products to the Apple store and ask them to check for keyloggers and other malware in your telephone and iTouch. Tell them what is going on.

Good luck


After reading lot of articles on internet, I feel like its really possible that he is using a keylogger on my iTouch. I'm so upset on myself than on him, because I'm the one, who put I myself in this situation by following him on the internet. My situation is almost like Scarlet Johansson episode as I too have some very personal stuff on my iTouch and he has access to every tiny detail of my life. If the theory holds true, then he even knows about this blog. My thoughts which are totally should have been to myself is all out in public. From two years, he is tracking not only me but rest of my famil members computer activities. I am so disappointed and sick to my stomach.

A keylogger is software that records everything you type. It can be used to steal passwords, credit card numbers, PIN numbers, bank accounts and personal information.

You may have to use the keylogger to get into the email account of someone you know the recipient trusts. Label the attachment as a file that the receiver would be interested in such as "Photos" so that you are sure they will download it. Once it is downloaded, the program will automatically install itself and send you an email confirming its installation. This all takes place in the background invisibly.

I guess, he made me a victim by making me open some photo of his or his girlfriends. I remember clicking to see his girlfriends party invitation in Facebook and then on, whenever I used to type his name on Facebook IPhone App, he used to be ready with a message about his plans for the day. He mesmerized me from time to time by doing such things and I used to get over blown by the technology he was using but all these time, I thought the application was running towards his end and I'm in no way jeopardizing myself by searching for him on the interent. At one point, I searched using his girlfriend's facebook id, thinking that he might have not written a program to track even if I search on her id. But he even acted on it and removed her facebook profile pictures from Google images. I had doubts on him but then I thought, google might have removed old images. God, now, I know, how he was so quick to act on my search. I really don't understand, either he is interested in me, if so, come on bravely and talk with me or else, if not interested, just don't bother about me or my computer usage.

While keyloggers are technically not illegal, you do need to be careful as they are ethically questionable. If you use one, you are invading someone else's privacy. Ask yourself if it's justifiable and whether you would want somebody using a keylogger against you.

Now, I don't know, how to remove from iTouch but before that I want a confirmation about its existance. Maybe, he just recorded search queries as my email accounts doesn't show any unknown activity. If so, I did not experience Scarlet Johannson moment.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I Figured Out Who He Is

I figured out who the Flight Attendant is. Woohoo! Yay! Yes, you read it right! At least, that was the case in my dreams. Today, I woke up knowing who he is.

Enter the world of dreams where the unconscious brain rules the world and takes you on a journey to resolve your quest for answers which the real world can't or won't provide.................

I was watching a personal recorded video with my kids and suddenly, the TV screen showing the time I spent with my family touring a rich, high class people's house with a game room, personal gym room and then in my dream, I realized, OMG! all these time, I thought of not having his picture to remember him forever but in fact, I've a video of the time I spent with him.

In my dream, I was mesmerized by the luxiriness of this huge house and was awing along with kids while going through each and every room. The person who was showing the house was a friend of the Flight Attendant. Even in my dream, my eyes and thoughts were on the Flight Attendant. He was in the kitchen discussing and helping out the chef while I was with his friend wandering every room. And then, we were on their personal boat, cruising with their girl pals. He was with the captain of the boat but his friend was with two girls and my family was in the third row. Athe time, my eyes were watching him and his mannerisms but he never ever looked or made an eye contact with me. I was like non-existent. In my dream, I even thought of converting to Christianity if Jesus helps me to make him fall in love with me.

His name was Mark Junior, student at A.W. Medical College. At this moment, I am really not sure about the name or the college but in the morning, everything was crystal clear. But I remember, him being, royal in every move and gestures towards others and was noble in his thoughts. He wanted to be a doctor and help poor people.

I remember that day on Flight LH 441, while the other Flight Attendant was discussing with the front seat passengers, he stood next to her and the whole time without blinking my eyes, I watched him and his expressions. I heard him speaking German that too fluently and laughing about something. And while he was about to pass my seat, I lifted my head to see him one more time, I noticed him watching me that's when I know, he was conscious about me and I was in his thoughts the whole time. He just did not want me to know that he had a thing for me. Because of getting that moment to watch him, actually made me to sketch him or to remember his every feature of his face so clearly even after near to be five month ago union. I miss him but the truth and reality is people never turn up the way we expect about each other. So, in the end, all these waiting will be wasteful if he won't turn out to be the way I thought about him having feelings for me.

After many mornings, this was the first morning, I woke up satisfied instead of being disappointed with the way life is.

While I'm in my own thoughts about love, feelings, magical daughter came up with this drawing. Ahh...the innocence of childhoodness!

Wish I give importance to many unique things the world, the surroundings offer us. There is much more in this world than cupid love, opposite genders attention, missed connections, endless waitings, broken hearts..... the first meeting, the awkward silence, involuntarily eyes talking..unknowingly expressing love at first sight, rapid heart beats.....

skyScraperOh hell! whatever, this is how my heart feels......

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's not YOU, it's ME!

In my previous post, I mentioned about aborting my search for him, but as usual after few days, I really wanted to know from Angel Flight Attendant of what really happened. So, I sent her email....

I waited for so long to get a reply from you. I answered sincerely to all of your questions and doubts. Could you please just let me know about your search for him? I respect your decision if you thought of not helping me out but at least just tell me your thought process.

I truthfully accept whatever decision you have made and will not bother you in future. I understand the intricacies of answering/ helping an unknown stranger but a truthful reply is always respected irrespective of the decision.


Thank you


To my surprise, she sent me an email that too referring me with "Dear"....


I am in [African Country] at this moment and receiving your mail makes me feel very guilty!!!
I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, but my life has been extremely busy, that I completely forgot about you and your 'case'.

I promise, that I will start immediately in searching for the missing person and I hope, that I can contribute to a 'happy end' would be wonderful!

Just, please give me a bit more time....I will try my best.

Of course I do appreciate, that you answered me all my questions sincerely and openly and I have no doubt about your good intentions.

So just relax, all will be fine....:)

Wishing you a wonderful day and thanks for reminding me about you and the search ;)

Kind regards


I was like wow! Again my hopes, smiles were back. I was like God, is there really a chance to get in touch with him.....will I really be able to track him........ Wow! it looks like we're really meant-to-be.

But then, she sent one more email but this time answering my previous email questions and at the same time asking me to provide answers about my personal details.......


...sorry for that delay as well, but just follow me down now I inserted the answers to your questions within the text below in red !

[Insert My Name], there is one more question though.....or maybe five:

1. [Insert My Name] is your real first name? What is your last name?
2. Are you male or female?
3. You are searching for a male colleague, who worked on
June 7th 2011 from IAH to FRA?
4. Your seat was 40 A-K ?
5. He looks about like the first sketch you had sent me?

Please provide me also with your phone number, so I can call you and talk to you personally...hope you don't mind.

I am taking this matter very serious....and I want to help in finding the person....I love the story :)

Ok, now scroll down to read my answers please:

1. Is it really possible for you to reach him coupled with the information I gave and the long career track under your belt at Lufthansa?.......ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE...RIGHT? I MEAN; IF IT IS MEANT TO BE; I WILL CERTAINLY FIND HIM SOMEHOW....JUST WAIT AND SEE ;)
2. I was under the assumption that you'll be traveling to and fro same routes week after week but that's not the case, right? RIGHT; NOT AT ALL....ALWAYS DIFFERENT FLIGHTS AT DIFFERENT DAYS...SOME PEOPLE ONLY HAVE TWO FLIGHTS A MONTH; LIKE ME:.....OTHERS HAVE FOUR FLIGHTS A MONTH.....
4. In your long career as an FA, has anytime any made an impact on you to remember him/her for longtime YES! MY BOYFRIEND..WHOM I MET ON A FLIGHT FROM FRANKFURT TO BUENOS AIRES....THREE YEARS AGO....;) .. or you meet too many new people too often that you can't remember anyone? OF COURSE WE MEET MANY PEOPLE....BUT SOME STICK OUT....AND THEY ARE THE ONES ONE REMEMBERS....RIGHT? LIKE IN REAL LIFE......
5. If FA is ever interested in any passenger and don't have the contact number to follow through, is it possible for them to find the passenger's info in anyway? UFF.....NO IDEA....NEVER TRIED....I WOULD THINK IT IS HARD.....
6. If FA is at the tail section of the plane, does that mean he/she is a newbie? NO ALWAYS.....SOME OLDER ONES LIKE TO WORK IN THE BACK AS WELL....AND SOME NEW ONES WORK IN THE FRONT.....
7. In 747's, do FA's have any privacy in pantry sections or any other FA sits there? ANY FA SITS THERE.
8. On long haul flights, do you have any area where you can lie flat and sleep or you've to sit and sleep in your seats just like passengers? WE HAVE AN AREA; WHERE WE CAN HAVE SOME SLEEP.
9. Does Lufthansa has any company social event like Christmas party where all FA's can meet each other?
10. Too many new people to meet, but too less time to make a special connection, is it true?
NOT AT ALL.....!!!!

Too many questions I guess.....NO WORRIES....IT IS MY PLEASURE.... Looking forward for your insight. HERE IT IS ;)


This is what my response was......


I can't say in words, but I am so HAPPY, surprised and thrilled to see your email. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you so much [Her name]!! Looks like my case is not a weird case after all, otherwise you wouldn't have forgotten about me ;)

Yes, [My first name] is my real first name. Is it really necessary for you to know my last name?
Of course, I am FEMALE!
Of course, I am searching for a male FA :)
My seat number was [My Seat No.]
Yes, I did not want to forget his face. So, that's the sketch I came up with. Of course, he doesn't look exactly like the sketch but maybe closer. Is it not silly of me to think of him, remembering me after almost five months when left and right, he all the time meets new people from all over the world? As an experienced FA and being in this field for so long, what should I do? Should I abort my search? I don't want to look like a fool but I do believe totally that he will be happy to get in touch with me but then who knows.....One thing, I have to say, everything looks serendipitous til now as finding a person like you who wants to willingly help.

Wish he kept his profile available like yours. I would have sent a message saying, hey, do you remember a person whom you met on Jun 7th on LH441? I would have known his intentions from his response/non-response. If possible and if you find time, check out this video: The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved

Thank you so much for taking time and answering all my questions. Congrats for finding your boyfriend. Hope he is special and makes you feel that you're special. Do you mind if I ask you about how your boyfriend came forward in letting you know his interest on you? I used to think FA's job as glamorous and FUN FUN FUN !. Apparently, it is not! The other day I read a tweet of how a FA was complaining about how she had to go for work instead of cozily sleeping beside the warmth fireplace. Felt real pity for her. I guess two flights per month as in your case might not be a bad deal.

So, in case again if you take time to reply my email, should I remind you by sending an email or will I be bothering you?

I prefer emails rather than phone calls as in this way, I'll have time and privacy to communicate and be much more clear in communication. Hope you'll understand!

Anyway, please please always let me know your thought process. If you're busy and can't reply, just say in short that you're busy or later I'll reply or whatever, just be in touch.

Once again, thank you so much and have fun in [African Country] and safe trip to hometown.


Two days over, no reply. All these waiting making me wonder, is it really worth, especially her time and effort? She sounds like a very warm-hearted helpful person but sometimes I wonder how can she forget, when she thinks my case is a weird case. Been more than fifteen days, she did not even start searching for him or passed a message to someone to find him. All she did was to find more about me on the internet. The Google search which happened on my name in Germany, was by her and this is my assumption based on her email. I don't understand why she needs my detailed information when it has nothing to do to find him and pass my message. I thought of what bad will happen, if I trust her and give my full name and phone number. But if my full name is searched on Google, she will know my address, home phone number, age, my comments on Facebook. Basically, it reveals every tiny detail about me. Is she busy again or forgot about me or got offended because I did not provide phone number for her to personally speak? Who knows? Wish people could just tell directly about their thought process instead of torturing silently.

Time and time again, I am putting this question to myself, if someone wants to get in touch with a missed connection, wouldn't they make themselves accessible on the internet. Just like the song The Script - The Man Who Can't Be Moved, wouldn't he made himself available in Google search through some social networking site in anticipation of my search for him. Of course, I understand that I did not give any sign or desperation to talk with him but what about his feelings.... his desire to talk....

I have some drawbacks in me like me-being-not-available-for-relationship, age and career. Who wants anyone with these drawbacks? Even if we get in touch, what's the possibility of long lasting friendship? All the time his sweet face comes in front of my eyes, but what can I do? I'm helpless. If I did not have any drawbacks, I would have done something or the other to find him, even the other day, I got a silly idea of posting a YouTube in search of him. Finally one day, Lufthansa would lose its temper with my relentless tries that they eventually would have let him know about me, the crazy person. But I cannot do silly things as my hands are tied. I highly doubt that he remembers me, not few days but if Nov 7th comes, it will be five months, who will remember that too a person like me and I know that I can be easily replaceable and that itself derails the search engine. But I really wonder, why he showed interest in me, what was special about me on that day for him to lay eyes on me. Being a Flight Attendant, he meets too many attractive people that too from all around the world, so why me? Why was he interested to have a talk? Why? Whatever reason that itself makes me to miss him.

He made me feel special.
He made me feel I'm wanted.
He made me feel I'm visible.
He made me feel I'm worthy enough to be pursued.

Wish he believed in me and made himself available on the internet. Let us see, if we're meant-to-be then surely we will meet one day, til then so long, my pal. I wish you the best!! I'll not email or pursue or bug the "angel flight attendant" anymore. She is a busy bee and I don't want to trouble her for something which I myself 100% not sure. But she promised in her email that she will find him somehow. I'm very skeptic about her intentions though. Does she want to use me to promote her business by being friendly? Why does she need my phone number when I already gave all the information related to that flight? If a person is so guilty of not replying, why will she do the same mistake over and over again. I've read few articles about the company she works and I'm feeling that she has no motive to help but to just use me to get into her business. This is the world we are in. You just can't trust anyone. Let us see, if she ever replies me back without me providing my last name and phone number.

I wish somehow you find me. Wish you won't give up on me. I was really stupid for not taking a chance when you gave me a hint to come and talk. Please don't forget me. Wish there is some kind of telepathy between us which is letting you know that I'm searching for you. The understanding between us when we met was a kind of telepathy. No one said to each other about likeness towards each other but somehow we knew. Come on! just make yourself available. We need to help each other. I can't believe that I can't find you on the internet. Wish I peeked at your name on that day. Please search for me. Nothing can beat the thrill and happiness when you get the knowledge of someone for whom you were searching in reality has searched for you the whole wide world to get in touch with you. I'll be waiting for that day!

Just now, heard it on Glee. Perfect song for you, my pal! Foreigner - I've been waiting for a girl like you