Friday, October 14, 2011

The Real it?

My Aug 24th message to the FA whom I met on LH 441:
the real deal
I would like to know about you. Without any prejudice, just based on that day, if what I saw and thought was right, then you know what to do. I'm so dumb for not acknowledging you. I wanted to thank and praise you for your excellent service with being energetic, helpful and that too with a welcoming attitude. I wanted to say that you're perfect and fine example for the job, but you were at the tail section of the plane and I couldn't meet you. I could've written a note or given a note to the other flight attendant with whom I had a long chat while waiting to exit. Wish I had courage and confidence. I turned over and tried to see but couldn't.... Communicating with you one more time will be just unbelievable unimaginable, an absolute miracle. Just thinking itself is brightening me up! Just do it! Til then I'll cross my fingers.... if destiny is involved here then it'll surely take its course....

I think I'm close to getting in touch with him. I contacted some undisclosed Lufthansa Flight Attendant to help me out and bless her heart, she said she will try. When I saw her email, for at least 30 minutes, I just couldn't stop myself from smiling. Is it really possible? Can I finally reach him? Being an experienced FA, for her to say to help me out is worthy enough to be applauded for her warm nature. Of course, after thirty minutes, I became emotional and started worrying about where she may give the dreadful news of him not remembering any such encounter with any woman on that flight. Anyway, as usual his face came in front of my eyes and assured me to go ahead and give the required details for her to search for him.

Should I believe in what I saw? I guess it is too late ask that question. I'm really scared and feeling emotional of what will happen. What if he is not interested? Whenever I think of such a question, then and there, his friendly face pops up in my brain which gives me assurance. Even though in August I said -
"I won't chime for him and will not think or search to find ways to interact because I know, when the moment is passed, its gone. No good will come by chasing. As usual, people will move on with their life."

I'm surprising myself with the way I do things. There are so many pretty and available girls in this world so why on Earth, he will remember me. Going through my past blog post is helping me out to see what I believed during that time. Even though I still think the same, my mind is wavering when it is time to know the truth. I can't just let go off anything. Why this curiosity to know the truth? Now, I have put myself close to embarrassment. What the hell - just lets dive, that's how I feel sometimes and start doing some crazy stuff.

I have read in "Missed Connections Success Stories" about not many will be successful as things may not turn out the way you have imagined. So, I've to brace myself for the worst or trust his face. I truly feel, he is a sincere and a good person but who knows whether those characters are part of his job or is he really, a warm welcoming, good-natured person. Again, just now, his face popped up, that's it, whatever it is, I have to know the truth. I've to find out whether he will have the same smiling face if I re-enter in his life for the second time. God, I trust that moment, I trust him, I trust his face! PERIOD!!!

I wished for him to search for me but as I did not react to his stare so how will he know about my interest in, I have to take the lead....I totally honestly trust you. I truly believe 100% that you are my well wisher, my friend who won't break my heart. I want to find out whether I exaggerate or is it the real deal? Let us see what happens when you trust your guts....NO GUTS, NO GLORY!!!

This instance played out in my head:

Helper FA: Hey, were you the FA on board on Jun 7th from flight IAH to FRA
Him: Yes, I was. Why? What's the matter?
Helper FA: Do you remember anything particular about that flight?
Him: Not really! Why?
Helper FA: Well, someone is looking for you. She says you gave her a sign to come and talk to you. Is that so?
Him: Hahaha...that's funny. Are you serious?
Helper FA: 100% serious. Answer my question....did you or did not?
Him: I don't think so...

And there you go, my stupidity has been proven. Going near my Itouch becoming nerve wracking as I'm tensed of her sending unfavorable dream shattering news. That's why I decided to send her email saying that please reply to me, if only you have any good news to pass. I'm just scared of where the whole thing shatters....I guess, sometimes ignorance is a bliss. I wish him happiness wherever he is. Well, I tried my best to reach you and respected your signal. I guess, I'm done. I don't want to know anymore. The whole thing is just so emotional to bear. I'm better off not knowing.

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