Friday, October 21, 2011

Missed Connections - Oh, What a waste!

So, irritating to read "Missed Connections" stories on the internet. Everybody has the same story. Same gazing effect, non verbal signs. Reading few on Google search making me not to feel anything special of what happened with me and the Lufthansa Flight Attendant. No destiny involved here. I just experienced what others experienced before. Nothing special but desperation for someone.

Everything looks meaningless until and unless the feelings are from both sides. Because of me contacting someone in Lufthansa made someone to search for me in Germany.

Search Engine: Google Germany
Search Terms: Insert My name here
Visitor Location: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Date: October 18, 2011
Time: 11:55 AM EST

Well, you may be thinking, how I came to know. The answer is ZIGGS. Hahaha.....

Happy times, sense of accomplishment, destiny, I-did-it moment or aha moment....and then nervousness, nail biting time, sick to death to think about the outcome....

Now, I don't know how they came to know from which city I'm from until and unless, some insider involved in getting my ticket information. So, why the delay til now from "angel FA" to inform about my "friend FA". Either the Lufthansa insider scared to help as they don't know what kind of person I'm or my so called "Friend FA" doesn't remember me and declined to get in touch with me.

Last Friday, when I contacted "Angel FA" to help me out, I felt terrible to request/plead someone even though she said she will try to help. I was so dull and gloomy that day that everyone around me, asked - why do I look like as if I lost something? Couple of days after that day, I was so scared of where she will give me, negative info....but now, I'm ready for anything. I should not feel bad if he won't turn up as that proves that he is not a genuine or trust worthy person. He may be acting out and flirting with every girl who comes in his path so why will he bother to get trapped in some old missed connection. And after reading so many missed connections, I don't feel anything special. I blocked him so no more his smiley face or the plane scenarios are coming up in my sleep. I guess my belief and wish/hope was so strong that he kept on appearing in my sleep but not anymore. Total stupidity to long for someone. Lesson learned!! Don't believe in what you see....

I have no regrets for chasing something in which I believed in.
Well, LIVE & Learn. It is a shame that I've to doubt myself about what I saw in him. How beautiful it would have been if I believed in him with hundred percent. How wonderful it would have been if he jumped with joy when he heard the news of someone whom you met on June 7th,wanted to interact with you. Part of my heart, believes that there is no doubt in what I saw and how much I trust that he was interested in me and truly believe that the way we interacted with each other was like we were familiar with each others intentions and there is no reason to doubt each others intention of likeness towards each other. But the reality, the fact, the present situation doesn't show.

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