Friday, October 28, 2011

All I Heard Was Nothing

I got deceived by so called "Angel Flight Attendant". I believed and gave her all the information she asked so that she can help me get in touch with the Flight Attendant I'm in search.


Ok, this sounds really weird, but I am happy to help you if possible.

First of all I would like to know, how you got hold of my email address and why are you contacting me.

Second I want to know, which date you were travelling from IAH to FRA.

Third: Which seat were you sitting on and in which class, economy, business or first class.

Forth: What is your real name, where are you from, what do you do as a profession and where do you live.

Many questions, but I guess if you want me to help you, you need to be as transparent and honest as possible.

Thanks for your understanding and looking forward to your answer.


She did not respond for three days. Meanwhile, I sorted out with my brain of how crazy the whole thing is: to search for some stranger and to plead some unknown person to help and to make myself look like a lunatic, what if I'm jeopardizing myself by leaking my personal information.....

After three days of waiting-torture, she sends a pleasant nonchalant email....


Thanks for your reply and all the info :) happy

One more thing I NEED to know:

When I received your did not have your name as sender, but MY name with email address! How can this be???
I had not sent this email to myself...Could you please let me know? It would be really nice of you. Thanks so much!

Greetings and looking forward to some news.


All she was worried was about her issues not thinking of why I contacted her. How can someone be so involved in their own world. Even though I clarified her with answers, she did not even bother to say at least a mere 'thank you'. When I contacted Lufthansa to help, at least they thanked me back for my complements on their service but this person, really how can she be in peace while making the other person wait on her. Look at her email with a smiley face and even using her nick name at the end displaying as a friendly person.

Guilty As Charged
Even though, ten days passed, I'll not ask her to give feedback on my Flight Attendant Friend because, I learned in a hard way from J, that if people don't want to do something, you can't make them do by pleading. How much ever you beg, you look cheap, desperate and helpless. In return, you may not even get reply but just 'blind eye', 'deaf ears' and 'devious laughter'. I will not allow others to hurt me or have a laugh over me. I will not be subjugated by some stranger. I may never find him, but that's okay as in this way, he will always be special to me with the same inviting smiley excitement-to-see-my-face look, which nobody can take that away from me. I'll believe in that day, that moment and that face. But if God wanted me to meet him, then no one on Earth can stop, neither Lufthansa nor witches who greet people with warm smiles but carry venom in their soul.

I understand the hardship to trust some unknown and help some stranger by going beyond their way. That's why I asked her to give my email id that too if only he is interested. In this way, no one jeopardizes their privacy. So, many thoughts went through my mind while I was waiting for her email like how I'm meeting so many genuine helpful people on my journey to find him. Everything looked serendipitous like I was destined to get in touch with him again. I was so eager to email Gregg about how I did unthinkable thing and was able to prove him wrong by reaching my Flight Attendant Friend.

Weaving DreamsI'm ending my search for you. See you soon!!

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every note
Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

(Waited patiently for two whole weeks, then I sent a request to please respond. She responded with positive enthusiasm and said sorry for making me wait...She said she will help me out but let us see.)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Missed Connections - Oh, What a waste!

So, irritating to read "Missed Connections" stories on the internet. Everybody has the same story. Same gazing effect, non verbal signs. Reading few on Google search making me not to feel anything special of what happened with me and the Lufthansa Flight Attendant. No destiny involved here. I just experienced what others experienced before. Nothing special but desperation for someone.

Everything looks meaningless until and unless the feelings are from both sides. Because of me contacting someone in Lufthansa made someone to search for me in Germany.

Search Engine: Google Germany
Search Terms: Insert My name here
Visitor Location: Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
Date: October 18, 2011
Time: 11:55 AM EST

Well, you may be thinking, how I came to know. The answer is ZIGGS. Hahaha.....

Happy times, sense of accomplishment, destiny, I-did-it moment or aha moment....and then nervousness, nail biting time, sick to death to think about the outcome....

Now, I don't know how they came to know from which city I'm from until and unless, some insider involved in getting my ticket information. So, why the delay til now from "angel FA" to inform about my "friend FA". Either the Lufthansa insider scared to help as they don't know what kind of person I'm or my so called "Friend FA" doesn't remember me and declined to get in touch with me.

Last Friday, when I contacted "Angel FA" to help me out, I felt terrible to request/plead someone even though she said she will try to help. I was so dull and gloomy that day that everyone around me, asked - why do I look like as if I lost something? Couple of days after that day, I was so scared of where she will give me, negative info....but now, I'm ready for anything. I should not feel bad if he won't turn up as that proves that he is not a genuine or trust worthy person. He may be acting out and flirting with every girl who comes in his path so why will he bother to get trapped in some old missed connection. And after reading so many missed connections, I don't feel anything special. I blocked him so no more his smiley face or the plane scenarios are coming up in my sleep. I guess my belief and wish/hope was so strong that he kept on appearing in my sleep but not anymore. Total stupidity to long for someone. Lesson learned!! Don't believe in what you see....

I have no regrets for chasing something in which I believed in.
Well, LIVE & Learn. It is a shame that I've to doubt myself about what I saw in him. How beautiful it would have been if I believed in him with hundred percent. How wonderful it would have been if he jumped with joy when he heard the news of someone whom you met on June 7th,wanted to interact with you. Part of my heart, believes that there is no doubt in what I saw and how much I trust that he was interested in me and truly believe that the way we interacted with each other was like we were familiar with each others intentions and there is no reason to doubt each others intention of likeness towards each other. But the reality, the fact, the present situation doesn't show.

Missed ConnectionsLife Saga

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Real it?

My Aug 24th message to the FA whom I met on LH 441:
the real deal
I would like to know about you. Without any prejudice, just based on that day, if what I saw and thought was right, then you know what to do. I'm so dumb for not acknowledging you. I wanted to thank and praise you for your excellent service with being energetic, helpful and that too with a welcoming attitude. I wanted to say that you're perfect and fine example for the job, but you were at the tail section of the plane and I couldn't meet you. I could've written a note or given a note to the other flight attendant with whom I had a long chat while waiting to exit. Wish I had courage and confidence. I turned over and tried to see but couldn't.... Communicating with you one more time will be just unbelievable unimaginable, an absolute miracle. Just thinking itself is brightening me up! Just do it! Til then I'll cross my fingers.... if destiny is involved here then it'll surely take its course....

I think I'm close to getting in touch with him. I contacted some undisclosed Lufthansa Flight Attendant to help me out and bless her heart, she said she will try. When I saw her email, for at least 30 minutes, I just couldn't stop myself from smiling. Is it really possible? Can I finally reach him? Being an experienced FA, for her to say to help me out is worthy enough to be applauded for her warm nature. Of course, after thirty minutes, I became emotional and started worrying about where she may give the dreadful news of him not remembering any such encounter with any woman on that flight. Anyway, as usual his face came in front of my eyes and assured me to go ahead and give the required details for her to search for him.

Should I believe in what I saw? I guess it is too late ask that question. I'm really scared and feeling emotional of what will happen. What if he is not interested? Whenever I think of such a question, then and there, his friendly face pops up in my brain which gives me assurance. Even though in August I said -
"I won't chime for him and will not think or search to find ways to interact because I know, when the moment is passed, its gone. No good will come by chasing. As usual, people will move on with their life."

I'm surprising myself with the way I do things. There are so many pretty and available girls in this world so why on Earth, he will remember me. Going through my past blog post is helping me out to see what I believed during that time. Even though I still think the same, my mind is wavering when it is time to know the truth. I can't just let go off anything. Why this curiosity to know the truth? Now, I have put myself close to embarrassment. What the hell - just lets dive, that's how I feel sometimes and start doing some crazy stuff.

I have read in "Missed Connections Success Stories" about not many will be successful as things may not turn out the way you have imagined. So, I've to brace myself for the worst or trust his face. I truly feel, he is a sincere and a good person but who knows whether those characters are part of his job or is he really, a warm welcoming, good-natured person. Again, just now, his face popped up, that's it, whatever it is, I have to know the truth. I've to find out whether he will have the same smiling face if I re-enter in his life for the second time. God, I trust that moment, I trust him, I trust his face! PERIOD!!!

I wished for him to search for me but as I did not react to his stare so how will he know about my interest in, I have to take the lead....I totally honestly trust you. I truly believe 100% that you are my well wisher, my friend who won't break my heart. I want to find out whether I exaggerate or is it the real deal? Let us see what happens when you trust your guts....NO GUTS, NO GLORY!!!

This instance played out in my head:

Helper FA: Hey, were you the FA on board on Jun 7th from flight IAH to FRA
Him: Yes, I was. Why? What's the matter?
Helper FA: Do you remember anything particular about that flight?
Him: Not really! Why?
Helper FA: Well, someone is looking for you. She says you gave her a sign to come and talk to you. Is that so?
Him: Hahaha...that's funny. Are you serious?
Helper FA: 100% serious. Answer my question....did you or did not?
Him: I don't think so...

And there you go, my stupidity has been proven. Going near my Itouch becoming nerve wracking as I'm tensed of her sending unfavorable dream shattering news. That's why I decided to send her email saying that please reply to me, if only you have any good news to pass. I'm just scared of where the whole thing shatters....I guess, sometimes ignorance is a bliss. I wish him happiness wherever he is. Well, I tried my best to reach you and respected your signal. I guess, I'm done. I don't want to know anymore. The whole thing is just so emotional to bear. I'm better off not knowing.

Friday, October 7, 2011

To my friend wherever you are....

One hundred twenty two days passed without seeing him. Four months on this date 7th but in June 2011, I planned my trip to India via Houston and Frankfurt. Just like Today, weather was in 90's. I wanted to dress up fashionably as it was an international flight and I wanted to look best. I wore light pink top with "grey-worms-all-over-the-top" kind of design with a white jean, matching ear rings and white high heel sandals. After checking in, we went to a Spring creek barbecue restaurant and there I noticed few men give me glances. I thought, looks like I dressed up pretty well. Because of security reasons, I did not keep any makeup related stuff and not even lipstick in my hand luggage. For some reason, I was so much into looking my best all through out the twenty-four hour air journey.

My first flight was continental to Houston. I sat next to an old lady who was gloomy as she was returning back to her Florida home for the first time after losing her husband who passed away three months back. After 45 minutes, I landed in Houston, already sweating because of the humidity and compact propeller airplane but remember, I still have to take an international flight, that means, I've to go to international terminal that means by train and then again go through security - removing laptop, cameras, camcorder, belt, watch and even sandals. I was like no way I will look my best the way I've to follow all these procedures. Finally, I reached the gate and noticed the huge crowd, parents with their infant babies - crying, running, whining....We all heard that plane will depart late at least by 30 to 45 minutes and the reason "technical difficulties". Everybody started becoming restless. I had to use restroom but I can't as I have two kids with me and I just can't leave them and wander in search for restrooms. But luckily without reaching or waiting at the ticket counter, the ticket agent gave me the boarding pass. I even found an empty seat to sit and wait for the plane to depart. Lufthansa officials were losing control as passengers were trying to cut the line to get into the flight. At 4:45 P.M., just about this time, they called for passengers with kids. Yay! time to board. We have been greeted by flight attendants but I don't remember anybody's face. I directly went to my seat, kept my heavy hand luggage in overhead compartment without much difficulty, thanks to my high heels. Then I told my kids to use restroom. I had to go round about to the tail section as some passengers were in my way. I did not know how to open the restroom door even though "push" was mentioned. I was delicately trying to push but it did not budge and that's when, maybe around this time 5:07 P.M., I met the person about whom I am writing right now, whom I am missing even after four months. The first thing I noticed about him was his happy and exciting face and it looked more like "VERY VERY HAPPY TO SEE YOU!!!". I thought - how come I completely forgot about possibility of encountering handsome flight attendants during my twenty-four hour plight. I had a hunch of having a very good flight time. Rest of the story goes like this, this and this.

Gregg mentioning him as my "friend" is really making me emotional and totally believable. I keep on reading that line over and over, for some reason, it gives me satisfaction and makes my belief stronger. With closed eyes and nose, I want to dive into the deep ocean of friendship, where there is no place for negativity or dislike or character assassination or name calling or misinterpretation or disheartened soul for not reaching expectations. This friendship is even though invisible, it exists in my heart based on that day, June 7th 2011. This invisible friendship becomes reality if in anyway, I helped him in receiving accolades from his colleagues based on my comments to Lufthansa. And when they announce on acknowledging-Flight-Attendants-Service-Day or in some meeting about his work, I'll come alive in his heart even though, he may not see or know me.

I like this distant friendship which will never get maligned by our day to day moods. It gives you something to believe in. Somebody out there, somewhere, who likes you. Yes, I strongly believe in not seeing you again or know anything about you as I want to always see you as a person who always has an excitement to see my face like the way you did on that day. Now, nobody ever can take that away from me. Totally, like Titanic movie, you always exist in my heart.

Whenever I think of what would have happened If I followed your indication to talk after that ten second gaze which you gave and if I was available to date you and if we exchanged phone numbers and then what....calls on the phone, text messages.....maybe occasionally meet and dine with you whenever you're in town and then what, after happy honeymoon days over and then you may find someone interesting and the whole new journey begins....heart break, good moments vanish.............thinking about all these, tears started streaming down my face and that's when out of nowhere this song popped up in my head.....

No one is as lovely as you, as you know I've love for you.
No one is as genuine friend as you, I've love for you.
You may be from a big house or a queen of the streets, I've love for you
See in my eyes, please at least see once, whose face is showing up in my eyes
Who else is there for me other than you, I've love for you
You tell me to go but tell me where should I go
Who else is here, with heart flinched like mine as you know I've love for you.

That sums up an answer to why I feel the way I feel. I want to hold on to this belief forever. Did I think of that song? NO, it just popped up in my head. Many Many years ago, I heard and suddenly, the lyrics whooshes in my head and I ask WHY? In my head on June 7th 2011, I saw the same kind of affection, the guy in this song, has for his girl and familiarity between us like as if we know each other from long time or else think for a second, if a stranger gazes at you, you avoid eye contact but here, in this instance, I stared right back at him for the whole ten seconds and asked shyly "What?" like as if I know him. Isn't that strange? For couple of months, I was under the impression that every Tuesday  he will be flying to and fro from Houston to Frankfurt, but I never knew that flight attendants are assigned on the spot to wherever anywhere in the world. That's why, I'm clueless about him.

Oct 9th 2011: Just now woke up with full of your thoughts in my brain. Our last eye to eye contact over played over and over again while I was trying to sleep. I'm not able to visualize of what would have happened if I courageously followed you to the pantry. Before I even try to think of that, my brain will say no way you have to guts to do it. Yes, it is just not me. Then suddenly, I visualized that eventually, if I took a daring step and gone to pantry, then we might have stared intensely into each others eyes and would have kissed and hugged as if we were long lost lovers and that's when while brushing my teeth, I realized that  those visualizations are based on my current emotional state of mind. No way, I would've kissed or hugged. I was not that emotional at that time. My unconscious brain started playing this song over and over again....

Each step you take, you remember my song
"Never say goodbye"
Laugh or cry, but you always hum this song
"Never say goodbye"

With being in love, sometimes we may get lost
or just like that we may doze off in this wind
But in your dreams, you always weave and recall "Never say goodbye" song

In middle of our journey, we may move apart from each other
and you will feel you're alone
but I'll come back, you just have to call me
with this song "Never say goodbye"

We really will be something beyond special, if you too feel the same way I do.....if you still remember me. I wonder again and again how my brain knows what song to play. Is my unconscious brain, confirming about the truth or it just knows which song I feel like listening? I'm really trying to distance myself and be in realty but the images in my sleep is beyond my control. It is so frustrating to see my unconscious brain confirming his interest over me by running the moments over and over again. Why doesn't it give the solution or why can't it go in his brain and make him search for me? Of course, it is not possible, so, leave me, don't harass me alone.

I requested God to do something by which I can forget J and he provided me solution by introducing this new friend in my life. The same unspoken glances which I thought was special with J has been replaced by this new friend. By which it proves that nothing is special, I will fall for whenever a handsome guy falls for me, some illogical thought enters and I pretend that I don't care or show importance when they exist right in front of me but carry over those feelings for long time and dwell over it as if my life is a hell and no meaning without them. Nothing special!!!! Do you get that my sweet unconscious brain?If anything true about this new friend, prove it God by making us meet again. Will he like me or want to have a connection with me even though I'm not available to date him? I've witnessed with my own eyes how a German passenger showed interest in me but when he heard my daughter voice calling "mommy", he acted like he can't even see me anymore. Nothing to blame as who wants to have a relationship/feelings for someone when they belong to someone else. Do you get that my sweet unconscious brain? So don't try to confirm about his interest. So don't try to confirm about the future and his thoughts by retrieving situational songs from deep inside my brain. If he knew the truth that I'm unavailable to date, he would've not bothered to glance towards me PERIOD!!!! And that's the truth!! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Time to Go NUTS!!

This is the email I sent to Lufthansa after a person with good heart advised me when I approached him to find answers for if flight attendants know passengers name, final destination and if possible phone number.

Lufthasa Flight Attendant
Hi, Please see the attached file which is a sketch of the flight attendant whom I met on LH 441 flight who was genuinely unbelievably good with me. I would like to interact with him again. I did not get a chance to speak or say at least "bye" or "thank you" as he was at the tail section of the plane. Please I beg you to pass this message to him. My heart says and believes that he would be extremely happy to get in touch with me. If he is willing to interact, please pass my email id. I would really like to know more about him. Please don't hang me out to dry, just let me know if you were able to reach him or able to identify him. I beg you not to ignore my request. Lufthansa is lucky to have him. He was always smiling, welcoming and helpful without showing not even once a dot of tiredness on his face during our ten hour flight. Even on my return flight too, flight attendants were so helpful to the boy who was in need. She was totally like his mom, helped him out without getting irritated by his complex situation. Kudos to your service and cleanliness. I really enjoyed flying on Lufthansa. Thanks
I don't know what will happen to my myth of him interested in me. Will he respond to me? Will even Lufthansa allow the message to reach him? They might me thinking oh sure honey! no problem! after all the service we do, we will help you to be a stalker.

Check out the conversation I had with this good guy who gave me an outrageous and crazy suggestion of how to get in touch with the flight attendant:
I was looking for a flight attendant who can answer my question and right then, your website popped up. Could you please answer this question: Do flight attendants know passengers name and information like where a particular passenger is heading? Is it possible to find a passengers phone number if they are desperate to contact?

I would truly appreciate your insight!


Hello Serendipity! Before contacting someone who might be able to answer your questions, I was curious what is prompting them?

The good old belief in "Love at First Sight"!! I believe "love" makes you do crazy things and enriches your mind with creative thinking.

Hope nothing stops you to find an answer for my question.


You seem like an interesting person, Serendipity. Do you have a website? I'll contact a FA and see if I can get an answer for you.

Thanks!! Sorry, I don't have a website. (I was uncomfortable to openly lie but I had to as I was scared to let some stranger to know about me and my every move on day to day basis.)

Hope you'll soon come back with an answer.

I contacted a flight attendant about your questions. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from him!
Thank you Gregg, for being sincere.

You're welcome Serendipity. I care and try to please.

Unfortunately my flight attendant contact hasn't gotten back with me. I'll share his response with you if he does contact me. I think I know the answers however. FAs don't have that information, but ticket agents do. A FA would perhaps be able to get that information if he/she inquired with a ticket agent. Not sure if they would be provided with a phone number however.
I'm curious what's driving your inquiry? Was there a flight attendant that caught your interest?

Hello Gregg,

Yes indeed, a flight attendant caught my attention but my experience is just the opposite of what passengers portray on your website. We exchanged too many unspoken glances towards each other during our ten hour flight. He might have given me an indication to come and talk to him by staring at me for at least ten seconds without any facial expression for which I gave a question mark look and shyly and softly said "what", but there was no response and this happened while he was walking forward, passing my seat, crossing one more seat and still looking at me until he went on to a different section of the plane. Of course, I did not know how to respond to something which can easily be misinterpreted. I didn't even get to say "bye" or "thanks" as he was at the tail section of the plane. I was in ecstatic state for two weeks, exactly like Cobra Starship's "you make me feel" and felt like the whole world is under my control. With every passing day, slowly the reality is kicking in, making me to realize that I may never meet him ever again. I may never get to see his welcoming smile or his excitement-to -see-my-face look as if we know each other from long time or hear his soft whispering voice with undivided attention or even for that matter his glance. I don't know his name or nationality or his basic daily routine or whether it is day/night for him or is he up in the sky or on the ground or vacationing in some new exotic place.....nothing...ZILCH!.... basically nothing to imagine.

Well, I know that flight attendants need to be attentive and pleasing towards passengers but in this case, I really felt the connection. I've noticed other flight attendants mannerisms and I can guarantee that I did not catch anybody's attention or even for that matter my mere existence.

I'm a budding artist so I used my skills to draw his portrait as I don't want to forget his face or his expression. Please find the attached file(the above picture) to see where my memory led me to....

Thanks for the information.


Nice art work Serendipity! I hope that you continue to develop your artistic skills as you definitely have talent.

Too bad that you didn't give the attendant your name and a way to reach you. Then you'd know if he was interested in you or not. We don't know for sure if he has the capability of obtaining your personal information. If he did, he would have contacted you by now. Since you know who he works for and the flight number and date of the flight, maybe you could contact the airline to see if you could find a way that you could reach him. It might help your cause if you spoke in person with someone at the airline's ticket counter (bring your drawing!). If things don't work out - and I know that you won't believe it at this time - you'll eventually feel a connection with someone else in the future.

Let me know how things work out!

Best wishes to you,

I really appreciate your input, time and optimism. But you won't be hearing from me soon on this topic as I cannot chase someone crazily when I know that he too can eventually feel a connection with someone and maybe pretty quickly too as he is in that kind of job where he can encounter meeting too many pretty people and find himself in same kind of scenarios. I'll leave it to destiny as that's what made me to get on to that plane when I was not even supposed to fly from Houston. I know there are some people who makes things happen and make their own destiny and some just wait.....

I'll definitely keep you in mind if I ever meet him again.

Til then...


But later I realized, instead of standing in front of the ticket counter with his portrait picture in one hand. I just took the help of technology and I was surprised that we attach pictures to the commenting section. As I'm typing this, tears are rolling from my eyes as I feel strongly that Lufthansa won't leak about their employees. Even If they reach him, will he really get back to me? Portrait of his promises so much hope and familiarity about him. But reality might be totally opposite. Reaching climax to this new love saga, the truth about the so called word we use "connection". Truth or just illusion as it was before with j. When you leave things without knowing then you keep false hopes but when you cut off hopes by going behind the truth is sometimes really really good even though it may give pain to see hope vanishing. But it saves me from his face and those flight interacting scenarios appearing over and over while I'm trying to sleep. I really need to thank him for getting me out of J's world. I prayed to God that please do something for me to forget about him and this is solution he found by making me meet this Lufthansa flight attendant. So, what is truth about "LOVE"? Do really "love" exist"? Are our feelings genuine for someone or is it lasts until we meet new face? I'm all confused.....I can't believe myself anymore.

This is the response Lufthansa sent....nothing surprising, nothing amazing...
Thank you for contacting Lufthansa.

Your comments have been registered under the following feedback reference number 21409036. Our Customer Feedback Management team will contact you shortly in this matter.

Every effort will be made to answer your query as quickly as possible. Since we are facing very high volumes of enquiries at the moment, we would be grateful if you could refrain from sending another e-mail regarding the same matter. Thank you.

For any further questions, you can find contact information for Lufthansa offices worldwide under Help & Contact" on

Best regards,

Lufthansa German Airlines
Customer Feedback Management

Its all luck and destiny if my message can reach him.

12:05 P.M.: something unbelievable happened when I checked my email. The guy who used to interact with me sent this email:


If you don't mind, I'd like to email your drawing to my FA friend to see if he recognizes him. Would that be OK?

How old would you guess your FA is?


Wow! you'll really do that for me. OMG! I can't believe this. I can't stop smiling!

Yes sure!

But today after I sent an email to you, I thought about your idea and then took easy route and sent an email to Lufthansa under comments and crew behavior section.

So Gregg, a loud "YES" from me to forward my drawing to your FA friend. God, you checking with me before showing, that itself is like "you are so Gentleman".

Of course, he will be younger than me. Definitely in early 20's. My portrait should have answered your question.


I think you should have included your flight number and date of travel to make it easier for them to identify him.

Yes, I included both in the form.


Excellent! Let me know what you hear back from them. I'll forward your drawing to my FA contact to see if he might recognize your friend. It's unlikely, but it's worth the try. Let's keep our fingers crossed!

My heart is beating so fast. Questions of what-if is popping up. What if I just dreamed the whole thing? How embarrassing it will be if he did not do or think the way I saw? What if he just did his job? Gregg calling him as my "friend" is making me feel like as if we both are really close to each other, like the real deal. I don't understand myself of why I'm feeling the attachment growing more and more with each passing day. My mind is trying to trick me. Why those special moments are coming back right in front of my eyes and that too all the time? Each passing day, I can visualize your face clearer and clearer. The doubts which I had about that ten seconds when you stared at me, cleared up in my sleep as I literally saw that there is no chance with that angle you could have not seen anybody other than me. I'm nervous when I think of what Gregg is thinking - trying his best to make us meet like as if we are going to have future together but he doesn't know that other than interacting with you, I can't really take this relationship anywhere. How and when should I let him know? I'm not sure about Lufthansa reading my email or even working on it. If they do too, will you really be excited or have moved on and act out like you don't know remember anyone on that flight. That will be insult as now, Gregg is involved too. This time I really did not want to come out expressing, I wanted you to come in search of me. I'm so tired of me chasing people like you, who start showing interest and when I don't retaliate, you give up. Why do you give up so easily? I'm in the same position as before. I know how things got messed up when I opened up to J. He showed up excitement in his own way by calling me to a club and then later publishing his phone number on Myspace but I didn't react at all as I expected his reaction would be direct, happy - displaying surprise and elated statement on Myspace. I got offended when I saw his messages calling me to clubs or to his birthday party like as if I was freely available to date. This time I'll not be anonymous and that was the reason I used my real name in the Lufthansa form. When I'm not available why do I react to others interest on me. Because I don't know how to make friends on my own and when someone shows interest in me and that too with whom I feel pretty comfortable, I don't want to lose them. I want them to be in my life forever. They boost my confidence as deep down I know that they like me, admire me and act like I'm special. Please if at all my message reaches to you, please please come to my expectations.

I was so composed and played down meeting you or about the special moments, but even if its going to be four months, I am still finding myself giving you more and more importance and feel our meeting as precious. My brain is making me believe that you really really like me a lot. I'm so scared of my thoughts getting crushed. Let us see where the truth will lead me to. Hope I'll not make myself fool again.

Check out today's post on Huffington post, related to missed connections.

Every day hundreds of strangers fall in love on the strength of a glance, a smile or a particular hat. The moment is fleeting, and in a desperate attempt to reconnect, people post Missed Connections. I am completely obsessed with these funny, sad, strange and beautiful messages; these bizarre short stories of unrequited love. For the past two years I've been turning them into paintings for a blog, which are now collected in a book, "Missed Connections, Love, Lost & Found."

Missed Connections have about as much chance of reaching their intended as a love letter written on a paper plane and launched from the Empire State Building. But you'd be surprised. In the last year, I've had 47 emails from happily united couples. Six of them even asked me to illustrate their wedding invitations. I guess for all the hopelessness in writing and posting a Missed Connection, for all the "You probably won't read this," there's a justifiable 15-watt bulb of hope dimly glowing in each message...

Missed Connections
So truly fools like me exist and trust the strength of a glance and they openly let it out. Hope you are one of them. Hope you still think about me. Stay tuned to see wish dies or mysteriously stays alive.

Just now received a message from Lufthansa...

Thank you for your correspondence regarding your recent experience. In an industry where customer satisfaction is essential to our success, we are grateful to have received your comments.

It is our goal to impress the customer at every touchpoint with professional courtesy and we are always pleased to learn of successes like the one you describe. Your comments have been preserved for review by management in an effort to maintain our high standards of excellence.

Your feedback is especially valuable because it helps us keep in touch with your needs and it gives our team members plenty to smile about. We look forward to the opportunity to welcome you onboard in the near future.

Lufthansa German Airlines

After reading this I forwarded it to Gregg...


Please see the message from Lufthansa. If not any positive outcome for me from this email, hope at least he gets a pay raise or promotion or recognition. Please let me know your thoughts.


It's a generic response; it doesn't look like you're going to receive any contact information about your "friend." As you said, maybe your correspondence will at least help him out. I'll let you know as soon as I hear back from my contact.


Yes, I shedded few tears, but kind of relieved. I don't want to know the truth. I don't want to face negativity or me becoming fool again. Even though I'm crying, I want to stop thinking about him or the so called "moments". I want to forget him. I don't want to put myself vulnerable like this again or trust on anyone or fall for this kind of scenarios. Everything happens for good and that's how I want to end this topic. I had my chance to find out the truth when he glanced at me but I let it go by not believing. I should continue believing in that. God, I don't need anybody other than whoever is close to me now.

"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."
Albert Schweitzer

Just thank them but not stalk them or try create a relationship with them!!

I Miss You My FriendThere is an immeasurable distance between late and too late.

Oct 9th 2011:

Hi Serendipity. I heard back from my FA contact. I'm sorry to say that he didn't recognize the FA in your drawing.

I really wish that I had better news for you.

Take care,


That's okay Gregg. I'll be naive to think of someone recognizing FA from my drawing. Whatif, if he flatly declined whatever I said then it would've been totally embarrassing. Everything happens for good. It will be much more sweeter if we meet each other again and if he recognizes me. I'll just wait for that day to come. Who knows, miracles can happen.

Very kind of you to take time and help. I appreciate every bit of your help.

Just curious: the FA, you know from your contact, does he work for Lufthansa? Did you tell him the whole saga? What did he say? From your website, I came to know that passengers should not give trash to FA's when they're just walking for some other purpose. Thanks for the info. Good to know as from that day onwards, FAs' have a special place in my heart :) I need to be kind with every FA I come across.


No, he doesn't work for them. I thought it was worth a try though. I told him the saga. He didn't think there would be much hope in you getting in touch with the FA on your flight.

We are in the world where every situation can be ridiculed but you on the other hand willingly took my matter seriously and responded my every email.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Wish someone with an open mind and helpful nature like you was at Lufthansa, with just snap of fingers, I would have been in touch with him, but things don't come that easy. Everybody have to think about cons.

You too take care Gregg!!

Well, that's the end of "Time to Go Nuts" series. I really want to prove Gregg's belief of me not meeting the FA again is WRONG. No one can say with 100% guarantee that there is no chance if me meeting him again so even though it looks bleak, I want to believe that one day I'll get a chance to meet him. I feel strongly that he might be an American as he did not have any German accent so my chances are meeting him is possible. What if, he might be a Texan then my percentage of meeting goes higher. We may meet at a restaurant, we both recognize by the way we glance at each other. Maybe we both approach each other by asking June 7th 2011 meeting. Then the world suddenly feels small. I'll be happiest person on this Earth to finally see the warmth smile, twinkling eyes and a familiar face. There is endless possibilities of us seeing each other again!! No one can stop the DESTINY which is bound to happen!!!
"When you clearly envision the outcome of victory, engrave it upon your heart, and are firmly convinced that you will attain it, your brain makes every effort to realize the mental image you have created. And then, through your unceasing efforts, that victory is finally made a reality."
Like minds think alike: When I was thinking about endless possibilities of meeting him, the thought  of getting onto breaking news crossed my mind, in that he will see me on TV and know my whereabouts......while I was flipping channels, I came across to Scripts song "The Man Who Can't Be Moved".....a smile crossed my face thinking "like minds think alike".