Monday, September 5, 2011

Truth About Attention!

People pay attention to people who are paying attention to them. That is so true.

Some attentions we ignore and well, some will make us feel special. That's what gives us confidence, a happy smile and that's when chemistry begins when eyes collide. Eyes do talk a lot, even though they may not be precise in delivering the message but they convey unscripted truthful message. And that makes me to think about Lufthansa flight attendant.

The other day, when I was waiting in my car in front of Seven-Eleven, a guy parked next to my car, so, I looked at him and then he looked. After that, he was constantly trying to turn back and watch me while entering in the store. I was so scared with the way he was acting, I cautiously locked my car doors and took my phone to act like as if I was browsing and not for a second, lifted my eye as I know he'll try to make an eye contact. See, that comes under "creepy attention".

Once when I was waiting for the swim class to get over at Emler Swim school, I saw a cute instructor who was observing me from far and was heading towards me. My heart started beating fast as he was approaching me closer and closer and then............ he comes so close to my face and picks up something near my feet. I was like, OMG, look at your nerve!. That's crazy! I was speechless and shocked.

And then once it happened with J too. I used to watch my kids class from upclose and then at the end of the class, j as an instructor had to tell how my kid was progressing. On one particular occasion, he purposefully leaped out of water and came so close to my face.... my heart stopped for a second and then I couldn't stop myself from smiling and that's it, I guess that's how I just let him in know, that I was falling for him. I guess that's how guys check to see how far can they take, how she'll react and to know whether she is interested in him or not.

Now a days, constantly a thought comes to my mind saying that life is not an one or a two and half hour movie to have all-is-bright-and-smooth. So, enjoy what you've or with whom you're than thinking about someone with whom you're not.

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