Friday, September 2, 2011

Sensual self-portraits helped me to be active on the bed....

I myself laugh when I read my own post of  Oh! How I Hate Fulfilling Married Couples Sex Responsibility. Yes, that's how I was til I went to a lingerie store when I was in India. I saw a store advertising push-up bras. So I went inside and tried a red push up bra. Voila! as the ad said, the look of my breasts increased by two cup size. I saw the trick of where to place the extra padding to give that look. After coming home, I experimented with my bras by tightening it around the waist as recently I lost some weight so all my bras slightly loose and putting a thick folded sock for extra cushioning helped out to artificially enhance. I discovered that I look healthy with broad and attractive chest.

Playfully, I started taking pictures on the cell and got so addicted that I took at least thousand pictures on my Canon SLR and in turn made unbelievable seven videos with my pictures and background music based on the pictures. One video was totally about me, showing off  like a lingerie model without a makeup with just an attitude for the song "All Of The Lights" by Kanya West. Music and my attitude was so well matched without me choreographing specifically for the song.

Especially, where Rihanna and Alicia keys sing:

Turn up the lights in here, baby
Extra bright, I want y'all to see this
Turn up the lights in here, baby
You know what I need
Want you to see everything
Want you to see all of the lights
Fast cars, shooting stars
(all of the lights, all of the lights)
Until it's Vegas everywhere we are
(all of the lights, all of the lights)
If you want it you can get it for the rest of your life
All of the lights
Cop lights, flash lights, spot lights, Strobe lights, street lights.....

While I was making the video, I was like who is she, so not shameful. That's why I had to name the video as "who is she"and ending it with "no one knows who she is", displaying question marks all over my face.

And the next video is my all time favorite which I dedicated to the person whom I mentioned in my post "A Special Guy". The video was made with pictures which were taken with sleeveless tanks, see through tops and a black laced bra with beautiful jewelery and melodious hindi song "O Jaana, Na Jaana" which describes about how crazy the guy is for the girl and at the end, she agrees that he is really crazy for her. At the beginning of the "Mystery" video, I mentioned about my dedication to the person who made me feel beautiful and special. The lyrics coordinated so well with the pictures as I really looked beautiful and explained well of why the guy is so crazy for her.

The third video is about me asking the guy, why he couldn't say what he felt something after seeing me for the first time, how the guy who dreamed all along is right in front of her and how he is not knowing day or night, how the guy is telling her to leave shyness and fall in love with him as he is so charming and everybody is crazy for him but he is crazy with my lovely face. This video called "First Impression" came out well with me being sensuous in few pics just the way the lyrics say about shining body, attractive eyes and how the neighborhood is talking about my looks. I even copied Jennifer Aniston's upcoming movie "Horrible Bosses" scene of where she wears only a jacket.

The next video is for the song "I'm yours". I wore casual sleeveless skirt and fooled around taking silly but attractive pictures of myself. And the rest of the videos are for the songs "Kiss Me" from Katy Perry, "Just the way you're" from Bruno Mars and the last "I'll be watching you" from Sting. I tired myself out with relentless  poses, pictures, simultaneous checking on the quality of the pictures, uploading and making videos with transition effects. 

So, basically, all these led me to be active on the bed and thereby the conclusion is sensual pictures of yourself will make you look attractive and will put you in feel-good mood. All these self-portraits of myself made me wonder of why a lump of fat called breast excites everyone. Well, I did not know that I've the looks and the body to be attractive. And that proved of why the young Lufthansa flight attendant who was so handsome with his charming looks and well groomed face, felt me "desirable". At one point of time, I even thought of him as a loser for showing interest on me but now, it is proven that the guy has a fine taste. I guess I'll never meet you ever again but God, the way you looked at me makes me feel as if you know me from long time. In between my photo sessions, you looking at me from oil painting portrait telling me I know what you're up to , made me feel closer to you.

I don't ever again dream about love at first time or there is a special guy out there or in magic of meeting your dream one or in general the so called "LOVE". Yes, thanks to J who broke my heart and raised my hopes only to shatter. Well, at least these videos proved that I'm worth something and only a few good notice about me being SPECIAL.

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